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8th Annual Cigar for the Troops DriveBy: SenorPablo
The 8th Annual Cigars for Troops drive is underway. This is a great opportunity to give back to those who protect our freedoms and earn the coveted "Troop Supporter" badge at the same time. You can find information here: A special thanks goes out to Nathan (nwb) for running the drive again.
Toys for Tots Drive 2015By: SenorPablo
The 2015 Marine Toys for Tots drive raised a very generous total of over $2000 that was passed along to Toys for Tots. This was a excellent opportunity for brotherhood to contribute to a great organization that provides gifts for those less fortunate children in time for Christmas. A special thanks goes out to Brad (Longhorn) for running the drive again.
December Points Contest is Under Way!By: SenorPablo
The points contest is under way for the month of December . The 26 members with the most points for the month have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to CI. You can read the details HERE. To view the previous month's contest results see here.

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Cigar Geeks Critiques - Vendor Sponsored [All Geek Critiques]
Xiphos NR Maduro RobustoDecember, 201691
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Neal (ntanner)
A nice complex and smooth flavor profile kept this one scoring hi for me. I really liked the mocha f... Read More
Xiphos NR Maduro RobustoDecember, 201691
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Kent (05Venturer)
Overall this was an enjoyable medium-med/full smoke. I am looking forward to trying the rest of the ... Read More
Xiphos NR Maduro RobustoDecember, 201691
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: nirab
This was an absolute pleasure to smoke! The flavors, transitions and performance were simply wonderf... Read More
Xiphos NR Maduro RobustoDecember, 201687
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Brlesq
I was surprised by this cigar.  The unusual hardness of the sample that I smoked gave me r... Read More
Xiphos NR Maduro RobustoDecember, 201686
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Chuck (Cfickter)
Overall I found this a very enjoyable smoke and certainly worth keeping a few in the humidor. &... Read More

Cigar Geeks Critiques - Member Sponsored [All Geek Critiques]
Crowned Heads LE 2015 Mason Dixon Project Southern EditionDecember, 201693
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: David Robinson (gitfiddl)
This was a really good cigar, even with the cap and aesthetic wrapper issues.  Maybe not t... Read More
Crowned Heads LE 2015 Mason Dixon Project Southern EditionDecember, 201686
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Justin (Gustoff)
Appreciate being able to be part of this review! My total smoke time was 1hr 35min, and I almost fel... Read More
Crowned Heads LE 2015 Mason Dixon Project Southern EditionDecember, 201691
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Barry (benchjockey)
My introduction to the Mason Dixon Project started with the Northern Edition, which I loved. I was s... Read More
Crowned Heads LE 2015 Mason Dixon Project Southern EditionDecember, 201695
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Adam (BewareDaPenguin)
A special thanks to John and Cigar Geeks for allowing me to do this review. It was one of my highest... Read More

Recent Cigar Reviews [All Cigar Reviews] [Cigar Database]
Cigar Rating Reviewer Date
Boneshaker Mace4 Star Ratingharleychef201112/10/2016 10:06 PM
Overall I really enjoyed this stick. I received this cigar as part of my cigar of the month pack. That's one of the best parts of those is you get to try new stogies!!

Anyway, on to the review...

The initial light offered a large amount of sweet pepper notes. Once I got into it, it was a very mellow smoke with a smooth buttery finish. I got notes of tannins and light leather with a very pleasant aroma.

With the dark Maduro wrapper there were very nice overtones of berry and/or cherry.

The cigar iteself was constructed very nicely. Very tight fillers that led to a very even smoke and great ash head. The smoke was cool and refreshing and lasted about 45 relaxing minutes. Not what I initially expected with a name like "Boneshaker", but will certainly be adding more of these sticks to the collection.
Nat Sherman Timeless Collection (MATASA) Hermoso1 Star RatingGhuskey12/10/2016 1:56 PM
Maybe I am unlucky with this stick, seeing as how reviews of this and other Timeless Dominicans are positive. But I am getting nothing pleasant from this cigar. Bland tobacco, dry, hot, bitter. I feel like I just emptied an ashtray into my mouth, If there is any characteristic other than those, it's leather. The ash holds on for a long time, I'll give it that, but it is burning quickly, which is just as well. I'll not buy another.
Get the 1930. That might be Nat's best.
Torano Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Finite 2013 Robusto4.5 Star Ratingmillarddj12/9/2016 3:51 PM
I feel ready to review this cigar after having a couple out of the pair of 5-packs I grabbed from the Devil Site.

With its purpled bands and stylized lemniscate, along with the dark, perfectly smooth and tight wrapper, these cigars are on par with many boutiques in terms of appearance. Scent off the wrapper is dark tobacco and cocoa.

Draw from this stick is much better than most Toranos, in my experience, and the burn was very crisp and even throughout. No complaints about construction - this slightly reduced-size robusto was dead on.

I was surprised to find that this was a Nicaraguan puro, which to my understanding isn't standard for the Exodus line, and often not to my preference. However, this stick delivers neither a pepper blast, nor an overwhelming flavor of leather. I find it to be uncharacteristically smooth for a Nica puro, and frankly, the medium-line strength does not hold it back from having a very well-rounded and thoroughly enjoyable flavor profile.

Some pepper and spice is present for sure, but there's also a lot of nuttiness involved (my favorite) and roasty, fragrant tobacco. The pepper does increase as the stick goes on, but there's also a very pleasant woody flavor that keeps it from pushing too far into spice-blast territory This is both one of the best smelling and tasting cigars I've enjoyed in the last year. For its price point, it's an excellent value, and nothing I've had from Torano stacks up close to this line.
Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Robusto4.5 Star Ratinggitfiddl12/8/2016 7:22 PM
Just an awesome cigar.  This had about 8 months' in my humidor.  It had one large vein in the wrapper that ran the length of the cigar and was even flipped under the cap, but it didn't affect the burn at all.  The wrapper had nice sheen that glistened in the sun.  The cigar felt firm and had a nice weight to it.  The well-applied cut clean, and the pre-light draw was perfect  The flavors were nice and nutty with sweet cashew and pistachio notes.  There was some coffee and pepper, as well as a touch of cedar.  Just a nice, mild-medium very smooth blend.  The burn was even and the smoke produced was thick and creamy.  Definitely one of the best cigars I've ever smoked!  
Tatuaje Series P Short Robusto4 Star RatingDonM12/7/2016 6:20 AM
This cigar was well constructed with an evenly rolled wrapper and nicely done cap.  The wrapper had a slight oily feel to it.  This cigar has a great draw with a slight spice and leather flavor initially.  A very nice burn on this one, a couple of previous did require a touch up but never serious.  In the end, the flavors were more woody/earthy and medium to medium full in strength.  I did notice it burned slightly quicker, possibly the mixed fill because the cigar was firm before it was lit.

I bought 2 boxes of these on a great deal for yard/bike gars and for the money spent they have a great flavor.  Price, quality and flavor reaped this one 4 stars
Caldwell Cigar Co. Long Live The King Lock Stock3.5 Star RatingGhuskey12/6/2016 8:35 PM
Perhaps it was a mistake to smoke this cigar immediately after smoking an Ashton Age Maduro, because this cigar doesn't compare well. I didn't find any of the smoothness I crave; instead, I found it to be a bit harsh and hot. The predominant characteristic, I would say, is wood. The burn was no better than average. It's not a bad cigar, but so many others at this price point are far better.
Tatuaje Havana VI Verocu No. 44.5 Star Rating4thKnight12/6/2016 7:07 PM
Excellence Stick! Has a wonderful beginning in the first third and maintains it through to the second third. This cigar really pops in the final third. Deep, Rich, earthy tones with a ton of peppery overtones
La Riqueza No. 4 Hermoso (box press)4 Star Ratinggitfiddl12/6/2016 6:52 PM
I smoked this one on the drive home today.  Nice lighter maduro wrapper with a couple of noticeable veins and a seam that I just knew was going to unwrap but didn't.  It had a relatively sharp box-press and felt firm between the fingers.  The cap took the cut well and the draw was fine.  I toasted the foot and got her going.  The first 3/4" was a little bitter for me, but the bitterness went away quickly and I was left with nice cocoa and dark woody and peaty notes.  There was a very pleasant salty taste that crept in and out.  Supposedly this is a Pete Johnson/Don Pepin Garcia blended cigar, which would have me expecting a very spicy peppery cigar.  I didn't get that, just dark creamy tastes like a roux that had been simmered to perfection.  The burn was razor sharp and I knocked the ash off at about two inches.  Definitely humidor staple cigar.
Montecristo Platinum Series (Vintage 1999) Robusto3 Star RatingGhuskey12/5/2016 12:47 PM
There's not much to endear one to this cigar. It burned a little dry and warm, and gave largely leather, wood, and plain tobacco. None of the smoothness, sweetness, floral notes, or citrus that I enjoy.
Tatuaje Havana VI Lancero4.5 Star Ratingtjm083112/4/2016 10:08 PM
Beautiful lancero with a pigtail cap and a traditional red Tat band. First light is earthy and full of bold leather flavors. This smoke is robust and is sweetened by underlying notes of cane syrup and molasses.  The draw is impeccable for a lance, an easy draw without an overly quick burn.  A third into the cigar, prominent notes of sweet cream take the forefront, imparting a buttery richness to the profile.  The last third brings some spice into the picture, specifically red pepper. It is an interesting addition to the profile.  Overall, this is one hell of a smoke.  Fantastic flavors, with plenty of complexity and affinity.  Flawless construction, burn, draw, ash, etc.  I almost gave this one a five, but the flavors in last third just didn't work as well as they did in the first two.  All in all, a fine cigar.

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