Casa de Montecristo (CDM) Chicago
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Subject: Casa de Montecristo (CDM) Chicago

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Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know about my experience buying from Casa de Montecristo. I've purchased from them a few times and it's been what I've come to expect from top level retailers like Small Batch and Famous. Great prices, selection, all that. Their Illusione selection and prices are pretty unbeatable so I picked up fiver of the 2015 Singulare. One of the sticks took a little punishment in transit. Nothing major, just arrived kind of crooked. It's a credit to their humidified shipping because the cigar wasn't cracked it just wasn't straight. So I sent them an email explaining what happened and that I wasn't asking for a refund - I think the cigar will smoke fine, I mean if a culebra will, I have zero doubts about the Singulare. Today I opened the mailbox to find a package from CDM. They sent me one of their Illusione Cigars Prive made especially for them by Illusione! Great customer service and I'm happy to share with y'all my recommendation.

As far as I know they aren't affiliated with the CDM lounge chain owned by Altadis.


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Subject: RE: Casa de Montecristo (CDM) Chicago

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Sounds like a top notch place
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Subject: Re: Casa de Montecristo (CDM) Chicago

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Subject: RE: Casa de Montecristo (CDM) Chicago

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I actually added their awesome lounge on our "cigar places" and everything you said about them is true. I have no affiliation with these guys, just so that you don't get an idea that toeing the company line.

These guys are great. In the Western Burbs, these guys are some of the best. If you're ever in the area, come check them out with me.
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