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Puerto Vallarta, Jal, Mexico
    La Casa del Habano (Puerto Vallarta, Jal, Mexico)     Submitted by cgardoc 2/26/2011 5:12:08 PM
    The best selection of cuban cigars in the Bay. Located downtown near the Malecon,the shop boasts the largest walk-in humidor. Check out their comfortable smoking lounge and leather chairs. Plenty of A/C and free Wi-fi. A full service bar available so you can enjoy your cigar with your favorite drink. Their mojitos and espresso are simply the best! If you get hungry ask one of the friendly staff members to order in. One of the most customer friendly staff members I have encountered in all of my travels making a return trip a must. A must visit for any cigar entusiast. Cheers.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Hartmann Cigars & More (Amsterdam, Netherlands)     Submitted by CarlosoftHUN 10/9/2018 4:33:48 AM
    One of the best shop in Amsterdam. You can also buy online, but their shops has a wide range ot products, in good price across Europe. In Netherlands they have fixed prices, so for the same cigar you will pay the same price everywhere.
    Cigaragua (Amsterdam, Netherlands)     Submitted by DFG 9/20/2019 9:47:53 AM
    You like Nicaraguan cigars? You like a lot of choice? GO HERE! This is by far the place in this city with the biggest selection of cigars. There's not a few, but a humidor filled with seriously around a 1000 (yes, that's thousands) of different cigars. It's amazing. Staff is incredibly knowledgable, they can advise you based on budget, flavour or even past smokes, i liked this and this. Well try this. Also, and for me that matters. They stick to the budget. If you say you want to spend around €10,-, they won't come with a cigar of €13. because that's not around! Also advice on a drink with your smoke, no problem. Talks in the huge smoking room under the humidor, no problem. Great place, visit them whenever you're close!
    Amsterdam Airport - Duty free tobacco (Amsterdam, Netherlands)     Submitted by CarlosoftHUN 10/9/2018 4:29:24 AM
    Not so wide selection of Dutch dry cigars, and handmade cigars in their humidor room, but good prices and great buys there from time to time.
The Hague, Netherlands
    La Casa del Habano The Hague (The Hague, Netherlands)     Submitted by Django 6/20/2014 4:20:15 AM
    After moving from a few streets away in 2013, the store as well as the lounge has greatly increased in size. Apart from cigar (strictly Cubans) and cigar accesories they also sell (high quality-segment) chocolate, tea, wines and some rum, port and Cuban beer. These beverages are also served in the very comfortable lounge. Not selling non-Cubans is not an issue since both CC's and NC's are sold at 'G. de Graaff' just around the corner, which is owned by the same proprietor.
    G. de Graaff (The Hague, Netherlands)     Submitted by Django 6/20/2014 4:44:20 AM
    This is a compact tobacconist (both cigars and pipes), which sells both NC's and CC's. Furthermore it sells some chocolate and tea. The shop traditionally sold (Dutch) shortfillers from many manufacturers (but originally mainly shortfillers produced in its own name). The shop later evolved to a more 'complete' tobacco shop. The shop is owned by the same proprietor as the LCDH around the corner.
Ålesund, Norway
    Gull & Cigarer (Ålesund, Norway)     Submitted by hebron 4/1/2014 4:01:46 AM
    Gull & Cigarer is a specialty shop for cigars and cigar accessories, established in 1998.
Asker, Norway
    M.SØRENSEN AS (Asker, Norway)     Submitted by hebron 2/28/2014 1:42:47 AM
    M.SØRENSEN AS has since 1905 delivered cigars, snuff, tobacco and auxiliary products to all over Norway. Webshop only.
Bergen, Norway
    Sørensen Tobakk (Bergen, Norway)     Submitted by hebron 4/1/2014 4:40:44 AM
    Founded in 1905 and located in the heart of Bergen. Sells cigars and accessories, pipe tobacco, pipes and snuff. All cigars kept at 70% in their walk-in humidor, enter and pick out the cigar of your choosing. The visit can top with an espresso, latte, cappuccino or a cup of freshly brewed coffee from the Swedish Zoégas. The coffee is dark roast and fits a good cigar.
Horten, Norway
    Solhøy Frukt og Tobakk (Horten, Norway)     Submitted by hebron 4/1/2014 5:43:22 AM
    Solhøy Frukt og Tobakk has the biggest selection of tobacco i Vestfold. Here you'll find cigars, tobacco, cigarettes and pipes, as well as candy, chocolate and fruit. They have been around for generations, and focus on quality. Visit to experience the old-fashioned atmosphere, good selection and friendly service!
Oslo, Norway
    Tobakskompagniet (Oslo, Norway)     Submitted by hebron 2/28/2014 1:54:59 AM
    Has two shops in Oslo. Offers a wide selection of snuff, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, lighters and more.
    Sol Cigar CO (Oslo, Norway)     Submitted by hebron 2/25/2014 11:10:25 PM
    A small stone's throw from the castle, on a corner of one of Oslo's older apartment buildings, is a small historic store. It's called Sol Cigar Co. AS and have since 1911 delivered cigars, cigarettes, tobaccos and smoking accessories for the Norwegian people.
    Bar & Cigar (Oslo, Norway)     Submitted by hebron 4/1/2014 4:15:54 AM
    Bar og Sigar is not your typical beer hall, but their strength lies in the history, the personal attention and the real beer experience. It’s cozy, intimate and hidden, so you won’t find many other tourists here. A true gem! The beer list at Bar og Sigar might not be that extensive, but the good thing is they only serve the best beers. Smokers will feel at home here, as they sell beautiful cigars too.
    Augusto Cigars (Oslo, Norway)     Submitted by hebron 2/24/2014 1:35:10 AM
    Augusto Cigars is a specialty shop for hand rolled quality cigars. They have a true passion for cigars, and are eager to help and support customers with personal advice and guidance. They also have a wide array of cigar accessories, as well as pipes and pipe tobacco. They have a great shop in Oslo, with a seating area for a relaxing talk among cigar friends. Warm coffee that goes well with cigars is always ready.
Risør, Norway (Risør, Norway)     Submitted by hebron 2/25/2014 11:04:35 PM
    Webshop only.
Stavanger, Norway
    Havana Magasinet AS (Stavanger, Norway)     Submitted by hebron 4/1/2014 12:23:44 AM
    Havana magazine AS is Norway's oldest special shop for tobacco and smoking articles. The store was purchased by the current owner's great grandfather in 1899, but the operation can be traced back to around 1850. Found in the center of Stavanger.
Makati City, Philippines
    Tabacalera Cigar Lounge (Makati City, Philippines)     Submitted by southernrun 12/30/2011 3:29:16 AM
    The Tabacalera Cigar Lounge is located at the corporate head office of Tabacalera Incorporada, Asia's oldest cigar company and the home of the true Manila Cigar. Of course, all cigars for sale are exclusively Tabacalera brands (Tabacalera, Don Juan Urquijo, 1881, Alhambra). They sell pack of 3, 5 and boxes of 10 and 25. You can also buy singles from their humidor to enjoy in their lounge (plush leather seats, great ventilation--an overall classy experience). They have a vast selection of single malts (highlands, lowlands, islay), and a few exclusive tequilas and cognacs. Food is available through their fine dining partner, 'Alpha' (headed by Chef Billy King, from Manila's Le Souffle). If it's too early for spirits, then you can have a cup of gourmet brewed coffee or any other refreshment with your cigar. The lounge hostesses are very knowledgeable and even ask if you want your cigar cut or punched (then light it perfectly with a blow torch). If your cigar dies out because of great conversation, the hostess will gladly relight your cigar whenever you want. Although it is a new office and lounge, you can still feel the 130 years of tradition through the walls of the establishment. For me, this is the best cigar lounge in the Philippines.
    Outback Steakhouse (Makati City, Philippines)     Submitted by southernrun 12/30/2011 3:32:53 AM
    Although they don't sell cigars in this establishment, their smoking area is cigar friendly and usually frequented by foreign tourists that want to have a stogie with their fresh draft San Miguel Pale Pilsen (the best beer in the country). Since Outback is an Australian Steakhouse, you can imagine how vast their food and beverage menu is.
Manila, Philippines
    The Bayleaf Intramuros (Manila, Philippines)     Submitted by southernrun 8/16/2012 4:26:49 AM
    The Bayleaf carries Tabacalera Incorporada-brand cigars. Here is a short write up from the site (see link): Staying in the hotel without visiting this restaurant will not be a complete staying experience. The unobstructed, 360 degrees view of the entire city including the world famous Manila sunset is simply stunning and very relaxing. This is how our guests cap their long days. The menu selection includes local favorites, tapas and a wide selection of bar chows done the “Bayleaf’ way. Guests can also order from the 9 Spoons menu below. Also with an extensive wine selection, local beers and cocktails. Happy Hour is from 5:30pm to 9:00pm daily. Sky Deck offers buffet on weekends with live acoustic entertainment. This restaurant is the place to chat, relax, share stories or connect with friends or simply unwind while enjoying the blue sky turn into an amber horizon during the sunsets while the clouds await the stars to appear. It’s pretty much the perfect venue and all the elements have been prepared for an enchanting evening. And so we say, “just make the moment count”.
    Manila Hotel: Tap Room (Manila, Philippines)     Submitted by southernrun 8/16/2012 4:20:08 AM
    The Taproom, with its old English pub-inspired interiors, dark timber ceiling, and plush armchairs accented by a magnificent Tiffany bay window, offers a unique soulful and friendly atmosphere, making it the perfect place to unwind after a tiring day’s work. It offers an extensive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to accompany our sumptuous bar menu delights. The Tap Room sells Tabacalera Incorporada brand cigars.

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