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Pennsylvania, United States
    A Little Taste of Cuba (New Hope, PA, United States)     Submitted by Kman 7/26/2013 12:32:35 PM
    A small shop in the middle of scenic New Hope Pa. Fairly limited selection but what they do have is good stuff. Very friendly and helpful service, especially to novices. A very small smoking area inside and a couple of benches outside, however, there is a restaurant across the street called Havanna's that is very cigar friendly as well and has great food.
    Edgemont Beer & Cigars (Newtown Square, PA, United States)     Submitted by faneendra 10/12/2010 3:32:39 PM
    It only takes one visit to experience why our Cigar Lounge has become a favorite for so many. Located in Edgemont, our lounge offers a comfortable, welcoming place to relax, unwind, and share a story. With a stellar selection of private label and internationally renowned cigars, we’re rich in the tradition of flavor and the cigar lifestyle. Whether you’re a connoisseur of cigars or just interested in a new, unique experience, stop by for a visit. We’re positive you’ll become a fan. We Provide free WiFi access in the lounge.
    The Lot at Edgwater Cigar bar (Oakmont, PA, United States)     Submitted by Cfickter 10/24/2019 8:36:12 AM
    Great lounge, nicely appointed. Featured cigars from Smoke n' Guns nice drink selection, lockers available
    Xhale Lounge (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by randycmalone 1/5/2011 3:23:48 PM
    Village Tabako (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by Hapcigar 12/17/2012 11:19:34 PM
    BYOB is allowed. A great pizza place is next store and you may have one of their awesome pies delivered for your enjoyment of pizza and cigars. This is a new establishment with great potential. The owners are very nice. Prices are reasonable and the cigar selection is OK with plans for more variety as the deliveries arrive.
    SMoKE - Manayunk Cigar Lounge (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by ccubed33 8/9/2014 1:54:17 PM
    Awesome big BYOB cigar lounge. Full sized walk-in humidor with a wide variety of cigars. Very friendly, welcoming staff (a few hot chicks too.) Has a lot of seating, either at the bar or in nice leather couches. Big projector TV's and even serves great hookah. A must visit in Philly.
    SJ Cigars Co. (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by mhuss 3/19/2020 3:19:10 PM
    Pretty small but nice cigar shop located just off South Street in Philly. Good selection, good service.
    Philly Smoke Shop (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by SIIYGI 10/3/2009 5:43:00 AM
    This is my favorite cigar store in PA. The owner, Chris Kim, is very friendly and knowledgeable. He has a very well stocked walk-in humidor as well as a high end set of cabinets up front. There are a couple of leather sofas, big screen TV and free coffee. The best part is that he offers, on 90% of the cigars in the humidor, buy 4 get 1 free. Plus, if the cigars aren't selling, he puts them in discount bins... I have picked up Rocky Patel, J. Fuego, 601's, Arganese ML and CL, CAO, Don Pepin, La Gloria Cubana, etc. etc. for $4, most of them listing in the $8-$10 range. If all of that wasn't good enough, he has given me many aged cigars from his private stash for free to try. No wonder this is my weekly stop for nice smoke and some cigar talk.
    Mahogany on Walnut (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by Ray240 4/19/2008 8:55:40 PM
    This is a very nice cigar bar/lounge located in Southern Philadelphia. It is located right above Holt's Cigar Shop on Walnut Street and is styled like an English Library with a fireplace, plush couches and big leather chairs. There are also tables for larger parties along with a bar. They offer cigar lockers that are available for rent but i'm not sure what the cost is. It smells like heaven as soon as you walk in. The smoke filtration system is great and doesn't allow the smoke to hang in the room, it is all pulled up and out through the roof. They do have cigars for purchase, but the selection is not that great and they obviously overcharge. You are allowed and encouraged to bring your own cigars with you, which is what i always do. The drink and wine lists are pretty extensive and range from moderate in price and can get pretty expensive. They serve beer, scotch, whiskey, cognacs and a variety of other spirits along with various wines. Small finger foods are available also. It is billed as more of an upscale place but i found it to be pretty laid back with a great atmosphere. Reservations are required, but you can call a few hours before you plan on going, maybe a day in advance for weekend nights. I've been there twice so far and I highly reccomend Mahogany if your looking for a place to enjoy a nice cigar along with a good drink while your in Philly.
    Holt's Cigar Company (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by mazzman 1/7/2009 8:42:58 PM
    Holt's Cigar Company's origins date back over one hundred years since 1898. In the span of those years, the name Holt's has been synonymous with the region's finest imported premium handmade cigars. Since 1957, Albert and Jean Levin and son Robert in 1974, have operated the company with one clear philosophy; to provide area cigar smokers with the best products at a good value along with the best customer service in the business. The formula has worked and Holt's Cigar Company continues to be successful. The cigar renaissance of the mid-nineties has catapulted the Holt's name to levels of national recognition and respect. Starting first as a tobacco shop in center city Philadelphia, Holt's has also developed a very successful mail order and wholesale division in recent years. In 1986, Rob Levin created the company's first proprietary cigar brand, Ashton. To promote sales nationally and internationally, Ashton Distributors, Inc. was created as the wholesale division of the company. Since then, Rob has nurtured and built Ashton to its status today as one of most successful and sought after premium cigars in the world. In 1999, Ashton released the much heralded Virgin Sun Grown (VSG) cigar which helped catapult the Ashton name to its current status as leading brand in the industry. Originally limited to a handful of retail customers, the mail order division has grown substantially since the early sixties and now distributes full color catalogs and mailers to tens of thousands of cigar consumers all over the country and is recognized as one of the largest cigar catalog companies in the industry. Nothing defines Holt's Cigar Company more clearly than its center city Philadelphia flagship retail location where for a hundred years, cigar lovers have flocked to the friendly confines and relaxing atmosphere of the company's quality cigar shop. In 1995, the company opened a new and expanded cigar store that was instantly recognized as one of the finest retail venues of its kind in the nation. The ambiance and aromas, as well as one of the nation's largest walk-in humidors and luxurious smoking lounge attracts thousands of cigar aficionados and novices alike to Holt's Cigar Company. In Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, when anyone thinks of cigars and fine smoking accessories, they think of Holt's Cigar Company. Even though its costs a little more than a nickel like they did in the fifties, Holt's still provides a coveted and affordable luxury for cigar lovers everywhere; the joy and simple pleasures of a fine cigar. In 2003, the company expanded its facility with the purchase of its 55,000 square foot building in NE Philadelphia. The purchase allowed the creation of an expanded retail facility on Townsend Road, a 13,000 square foot humidor and an overall capacity upgrade to better serve the company's retail and wholesale customers. Although Albert Levin, the founder of the Company, passed away several years ago at the age of 92, his vision of building relationships with customers and great customer service will live on as the true foundation of the company.
    Holts Cigar Company (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by vdragani 6/14/2012 1:17:42 PM
    Holt's Cigar Company's origins date back over one hundred years since 1898. In the span of those years, the name Holt's has been synonymous with the region's finest imported premium handmade cigars. Since 1957, Albert and Jean Levin and son Robert in 1974, have operated the company with one clear philosophy; to provide area cigar smokers with the best products at a good value along with the best customer service in the business. The formula has worked and Holt's Cigar Company continues to be successful. The cigar renaissance of the mid-nineties has catapulted the Holt's name to levels of national recognition and respect.
    Holt's Cigar Club (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by mhuss 7/21/2008 9:07:40 AM
    This is a very up-scale place to enjoy a smoke. Don't get me wrong, you can certainly walk in there with shorts and a t-shirt, but the walls are cherry-panelled, the seats are leather and ridicously huge and a high-end bar pours any kind of drink you want. This is located inside the Wachovia Center, behind the Red Bell Brewery bar area. The downstairs section is just an area where you can browse around the glass cases and purchase a cigar. The main event is upstairs though, and for a small fee, you can gain access to it for just the evening. They do, naturally, offer memberships for several hundred dollars, depending upon your needs. You do have access to some dining options while you're there. It's a real classy and up-scale place, and definitely one to enjoy while there for a game or concert.
    Holts (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by timpellis 7/17/2014 4:46:51 PM
    This is for the Holts downtown store, they have a lounge upstairs as well along with other retail stores. This is the flagship store and there is a giant selection. The humidor is more than half the store. Plenty of knowledgeable people working at all times, always feel like more than need to be there. Store always seems to be busy. Great selection of lighters, cutters, etc... as well. If you go to their bar upstairs, buy your smoke down here. Better selection and price on the first floor than in the bar. Really great store in a great part of the city.
    Delilah's (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by Caveman Steve 5/28/2013 8:39:32 PM
    Yes, this is a "Gentlemans" club. Very limited but quality selection of cigars available to buy. I suggest you bring your own.
    Cappelli Brothers Cigar Company (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by cigarmaven 3/14/2015 4:12:45 PM
    BYOB *** But has fantastic mix ingredients Friendly Atmosphere Feels like your own private club
    Black Cat Cigar Company (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by mhuss 4/7/2008 10:48:10 AM
    A great shop in heart of Center City Philadelphia. It's also right in the heart of a strech of great restaurants and bars. The entire shop is climate controlled and offers a great selection of smokes. The walkways are a little tight, but that stems from the combination of the shop's size and it's selection. They really pack their stock in well on the shelves. They offer accoressories like cutters, lighters and humidors, as well as gift packs, samplers and 5-packs. It's a real great place to visit if you find yourself in Philly.
    Ashton Cigar Bar (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by cigarzinn 8/8/2016 3:36:47 PM
    Modern bar with a touch of classic. Great place to grab a smoke and try out some awesome whiskeys.
    Ashton Cigar Bar (Philadelphia, PA, United States)     Submitted by timpellis 7/1/2014 5:52:47 PM
    Above the Holt's downtown location. Description from the website: Ashton is proud to introduce the new gold standard in cigar bars and lounges. In the heart of Philadelphia's Center City district, Ashton Cigar Bar is located on top of Philadelphia's oldest and finest cigar store, Holt's Cigar Company. Featuring a beautiful, contemporary design and warm, comfortable atmosphere, Ashton Cigar Bar is a sanctuary for lovers of fine cigars and spirits. With a world-class selection of 200 premium cigars, 250 whiskeys and 400 total spirits, Ashton Cigar Bar also offers an expansive selection of specialty craft cocktails. The perfect setting to enjoy a drink and a fine cigar, Ashton Cigar Bar is the ultimate oasis for indulgence in life's pleasures. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art air-purification system will guarantee you enjoy the utmost in service, pleasure and relaxation.
    Twisted Leaf Cigars (Phoenixville, PA, United States)     Submitted by lwleaver 8/24/2009 11:04:18 AM
    Really nice place doing very cool things.
    Cigar Cigars (Phoenixville, PA, United States)     Submitted by mhuss 5/19/2008 2:18:29 PM
    Another in the line of Cigar Cigars shops in southeastern PA. This one is located in a great town with easy access to King of Prussia and Philly. There are certainly a lot of great restaurants and shops in the area, as well. This shop offers pretty much the same in selection as the others, with Pinar's and Hemingway's standing out. They carry the usual selection of Punch, Partagas, Hoyo's, Rocky Patel, etc. They also get a hold of Opus and Diamond Crown when they are released. This small chain of stores is definitely worth a visit if you're in the area, especailly in Phoenxivlle.

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