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There are a total of 1893 Cigar Friendly Establishments from 953 cities in the database.

Maryland, United States
    Faders (Annapolis, MD, United States)     Submitted by SenorPablo 3/31/2008 9:42:37 PM
    Can't smoke there since the neighbors have complained. Decent selection of smokes with a large walk-in humidor, accessories, and pipes and pipe tobacco.
    Davidus Cigars (Annapolis, MD, United States)     Submitted by SenorPablo 10/16/2011 8:54:34 PM
    This place is located across from the Annapolis Mall and next to McDonalds. It is a pretty nice place to relaxe and enjoy a great cigar. It is run by folks who know cigars, enjoy cigars, and love to talk about them. They have a huge walk-in humidor with a very nice selection. Last time I was there you could find plenty of the hard to find AF Anejos and Opus X with no trouble. They have a really nice lounge with a cigar lockers for rent, a couple HDTVs, comfy leather seating, wifi access, and a pool table. Great folks and great company. Definitely worth checking out. Oh, and for alcohol, they do not sell, but BYOB is welcome and within a short walk. If you go there tell them Paul from CigarGeeks sent you - even though they'll have no idea who the hell you're talking about. :-)
    Annapolis Cigar Company (Annapolis, MD, United States)     Submitted by SenorPablo 3/31/2008 9:46:02 PM
    This is owned by my buddy Rome. Great location in downtown historic Annapolis on Main Street. Has a private members lounge in the back where you can still smoke and BYOB. Definitely worth a visit if you're ever in Annapolis. Tell Rome that Paul sent you!
    The Humidour Cigar Shop (Cockeysville, MD, United States)     Submitted by grif5039 5/1/2010 4:43:55 PM
    Really nice shop. Great selection and a superbly friendly and knowledgeable staff. Public lounge downstairs to enjoy a smoke, and a beautiful members lounge upstairs. Well worth the trip from anywhere in Maryland
    Tobacco Etc. (Columbia, MD, United States)     Submitted by shawnfwatson 3/19/2013 10:03:33 PM
    Tobacco Etc. Located in Zone C Upper Level of Columbia Mall. They have a fair selection of smokes, lighters, humidors and accessories but they are a bit over priced. Service is good. No where to relax and smoke. No walk-in humidor but nice display cases and the cigars are well stored.
    Kings Contrivance Liquor & Smoke Shop (Columbia, MD, United States)     Submitted by bluearmy 8/1/2012 4:09:55 PM
    Cigar and Liquor store. Seems to me like they don't focus on the cigars very much but I was very surprised to find a very large selection of cigars in the store. They don't seem to carry anything very hard to find, but have a big selection nonetheless with decent prices to boot.
    The Book Center (Cumberland, MD, United States)     Submitted by mike6206 5/1/2010 5:32:23 PM
    No smoking inside, but Lee and his staff have 3 humidor/showcases with some great cigars like Punch, Macanudo, Quorum, Acid, Camacho and it's newest offering, Legendario, etc., 30 brands are offered. You can also pick up the lastest Cigar Aficionado Magazine and other magazines and books from here. Sign up for the cigar club and you'll get news of events the store has and new cigars to try!
    Chesapeake Cigar (Edgewater, MD, United States)     Submitted by Otter 3/12/2016 5:23:59 AM
    This shop is tucked away in a shopping center. There are a bunch of restaurants in the area as well. There is outside (depending on the weather) and inside seating and a pretty good selection of cigars. He especially has a good selection of Roma Craft and La Aurora.
    Davidus Cigars (Ellicott City, MD, United States)     Submitted by bluearmy 8/1/2012 4:00:24 PM
    Great selection and helpful staff. Lounge in the back of the store with BYOB policy.
    Quarermasters (Frederick , MD, United States)     Submitted by ricoishere 4/26/2018 11:17:18 AM
    or several years I've been visiting Davidus Cigars in Montgomery County, MD (Shady Grove or Rockville Pike). I respect their policy that you have to buy their sticks, and then proceed to the smoking lounge. However, at 9:00PM, lights out. Another lounge (Drapers) in Bethesda stays open past 11:00. One still has to buy their cigars. However, Bethesda does not allow BYOB. Word is a fight broke out in the lounge, and alcohol was involved... So the entire city banned BYOB. Ugghhh... However, having several very well stocked humidors, i don't want to pay every time I go to a lounge. My average cigar is at least 18 months old, so I guess I'm pretty spoiled... Additionally, all Davidus Lounges close at 9:00PM; hell, that's when I want to smoke and drink. I joined Quartermasters this January, and paid for 3 month membership ($22.99/month after Veterans Discount). I just renewed, and glad I did. Members get after-hours access with a separate entrance. In 2 visits, it pays for itself when compared to Davidus. There's plenty of seating room, 5 big screens, massive card table, several upright tables, grill for members, and several other perks. My reason for joining was not having to buy cigars, and not getting kicked out at 9:00PM. The owner is also pretty cool. As an added plus, it's adjacent to a brewery, and there's a decent restaurant 50 feet away. So I can get stuffed, buy a few pints, then walk into the lounge and light up. Or, since I have a well stocked bar, bring my own bottle. My only recommendations would be 1) Improve the air cleaners/smoke extractors (especially for the winter) 2) Increase the size of the humidor so he could have a better selection 3) Add more seating areas; the space is so big, 2-3 seating areas could be added, and it would not make an impact on floor space. I recommend any one traveling through that area to go check it out.
    Davidus Cigars (Frederick, MD, United States)     Submitted by TatuajeKid 4/20/2012 1:02:28 PM
    Just moved to a brand new location closer to downtown Frederick. A large walk-in Humidor with a great selection of Opus X, God of Fire, all Fuente blends, La Flor Dominicana, Perdomo, Don Pepin Garcia, and many more. The staff is very knowledgeable and always asks if they can help you pick out a cigar. Being a regular I am usually updated when I walk in as to any new arrivals. Great place to sit down and enjoy a smoke with leather seating and flat screen TVs.
    Davidus Cigars (Gaithersburg, MD, United States)     Submitted by bluearmy 8/1/2012 4:04:32 PM
    Great selection and helpful staff. Lounge in the back of the store with BYOB policy.
    Titan Cigar (Gambrills, MD, United States)     Submitted by jamago 8/16/2010 10:47:28 AM
    See the place everyone is talking about! WE have a walk-in humidor, lounge with satellite TV, a palm-tree-lined outdoor patio where you can smoke, enjoy a drink and watch satellite tv. We offer a fine line of top level boutique brand cigars including Gurkha, Graycliff, Ashton, Padron, Casa Magna and much more...
    Titan Cigar (Gambrills, MD, United States)     Submitted by Titan Cigar 2/11/2016 12:08:30 PM
    We invite you to experience our amazing cigar shop and lounge. We are open seven days a week. From the Spanish cedar and mahogany cabinets that line our walls, to the customized personal humidors and quality entertainment system in the Titan lounge, we have spared no expense to create an environment that is rich and welcoming. The combination of a fine cigar and the environment in which it is enjoyed—the people, the place, and the atmosphere—is what makes the event complete. For high-quality smokes and assorted spirits in a relaxed atmosphere, the Titan experience is like no other. Visit us any day of the week. Monday through Saturday our hrs are 11am-12am and Sunday 12pm-8pm.
    Tobacco Leaf - Jessup (Jessup, MD, United States)     Submitted by GarCar 7/25/2012 7:10:15 PM
    Rahul is one of the very helpful attendants at this shop. They do ship but their website is mostly just informational. Just off the busy I-95 between D.C. and Baltimore, they are located in the Columbia East Market Place. I was pleasantly surprised to find they are a Curivari retailer as well as Elogio cigars. On box purchases he'll wiggle about 10% off his posted price and this shop has it all. When I'm in the area whether passing through or hanging out for a spell, I try to make my way to visit and pick up some choice favorites that my local doesn't have just yet. Very helpful staff...the minute you walk in the door, they'll be on you like a chicken on a junebug asking to assist you in any way.
    Leonardtown Cigars (Leonardtown, MD, United States)     Submitted by Otter 5/26/2016 3:39:00 PM
    This is Jay (Otter's) establishment, stop by if you are ever in the area and let him buy you a cigar or drink! It's 3400 Square Feet with a 530 SqFt Humidor, retro cuban themed - you will love it!
    The Cigar Guys (National Harbor, MD, United States)     Submitted by Otter 3/12/2016 5:33:26 AM
    This is a kiosk in the National Harbor. There is seating around the kiosk as well as plenty of benches and other areas to enjoy a cigar and look at the bay. There are a couple restaurants with a cigar terrace as well. There selection is primarily from General Cigar and the prices are MSRP but in a pinch it's nice to have an option...
    Senor Cigar's (Ocean City, MD, United States)     Submitted by SenorPablo 4/9/2008 8:36:48 PM
    This an old Ocean City stand by. It has been there forever. They have a great selection and some seating in doors. It recently moved to the 33rd Street Shopping Plaza in a new place.
    Puff Cigar Lounge (Ocean City, MD, United States)     Submitted by billy82 7/6/2017 2:06:55 PM
    Newly open lounge. Cozy and nice. Has a small selection of cigars but very nice smokes. like LPs, oliva, AFs and more
    Nice Ash Cigar (Ocean City, MD, United States)     Submitted by niceashcigar 12/23/2013 9:28:12 AM
    largest of hand made premium cigars in ocean city

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