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Use this form to help in trying to identify the size name of a cigar. It should be noted that this is a very subjective topic and nearly meaningless. A manufacturer has free reign to use whatever term they like to describe the shape and size of a cigar. In this regard two manufacturers may call two exactly the same sized cigars something different. There are also many more terms for describing cigars than what we have entered into our system. What is contained in our system are some of the more popular sizes and shapes - also very subjective.

Cigar Length:
Ring Gauge:
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Inches to Ring Gauge Conversions

Size in Inches Ring Gauge
1 64
3/4 (.75) 48
1/2 (.5) 32
1/4 (.25) 16
1/8 (.125) 8
1/16 (.0625) 4

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