The Cigar Geeks Automated Cigar Pass System

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The Cigar Geeks Cigar Pass System

If you are unfamiliar with a Cigar Pass in general, you should check out this article on how one works.

This article is intended to describe how you can use the Cigar Geeks Cigar Pass system to more easily manage your Cigar Pass.

Managing a Cigar Pass can be a somewhat daunting task.  Here are some of the basics of managing a cigar pass:
  • You have to set up some guidelines for your cigar pass, such as the number of cigars, price range, themes, etc...and you have to communicate this to members of the pass.  
    [li] You have to manage the members who will participate in the pass.  Recruit members you would like to be a part of your pass.  Respond to members who request to be a part of the pass.
    [li] You need to manage the order in which the pass will happen, and make any adjustments for members who might out of town or otherwise unavailable.  You'll also need to provide everyone's addresses so that each member knows where to send the box.
    [li] You need to provide an initial group of cigars from which members will execute their takes and puts.  Members will also need to keep this list up to date.
    [li] Communication is key in a cigar pass.  Members want to know where they are in a pass, where the box is, and when they are going to get their turn.  Members also will want to discuss their experiences and share their opinions.  An organizer of a pass would typically moderate the discussion.
The Cigar Pass system here at Cigar Geeks has been designed and built to help you manage these tasks, leaving you more time to enjoy lively discussions with members about the cigars.  The system was built to provide some structure for a pass, but also to be flexible to allow for changes in how various members would like to run a pass.  The following describes the various areas of the Cigar Geeks Cigar Pass system.

First, some basic terminology used in the Cigar Pass system:Moderator - the member that is organizing the Cigar Pass and will have administrator rights with the Cigar Pass.
Take(s) - A cigar you have selected to remove from the cigar pass to keep for yourself.
Put(s) - A cigar you have added back into the Cigar Pass from your own personal collection.
Transition - the process by which you tell the Cigar Pass system that you are done with your turn (you have entered your takes and puts) and it is the next member's turn.  This is transitioning the cigar pass to another member.
Member in Play - The current member whose turn it is, has possession of the box (or who is expecting to receive it), and will enter their takes and puts and forward to the next member.
Stage - The number representing the current place in the order that the cigar pass is in.  The History page provides all details about each stage in the pass.

General InfoThis is where the basic information and guidelines are entered about your cigar pass.  If you are the moderator, you can change these settings.  To all other members it is a read-only page.  Here is where you enter a name and description for your cigar pass, the number of members you want to include, and the price range of the cigars (if any.)  The description is where you might put information about any particular theme or other guidelines you would like members to adhere to.  You can also choose for this Cigar Pass to be private.  This will restrict users from being able to request membership in the pass.  Once you have finalized you list of members then you can also close your cigar pass down to new members here by setting the "Closed" flag to "Yes".  When the cigar pass has been completed, you can set the "Completed" flag to "Yes".  Setting the Completed flag to Yes is also when any point awards happen.  

ParticipantsThis is one of the more time consuming tasks in any cigar pass.  The online system makes this much easier to manage membership in your cigar pass.  Members that are not moderators will see a read-only list of all members in the cigar pass.  If you are the moderator, you will be able to send invitations to members to join your pass.  You do this in the "Send Invites to Members" section by simply selecting member names from the list and clicking the "Send Invites" button.  This will send each member an email inviting them to join your cigar pass and providing them a link they can click to accept the invitation.

If your cigar pass is not private (as set on the General Info page) any member can request to join your Cigar Pass while it is still open (as set on the general info page.)  When a member request to join your cigar pass, you will be sent an email that informs you of the request and a link to click on that allows you to either accept or decline a members request to join.  

Any members that are accepted as part of the pass are listed at the top of the page in the "Participants List."  At any point in time you can delete a member from this list, even while the pass is in progress.  No member will be part of your cigar pass until they have accepted your invitation or you have accepted their request to join.

The participants list is also where the order in which the pass will be executed is set.  You can update the pass order by adjusting the Pass Order number field next to each member in the left hand column of the table and clicking the "Update Pass Order" button.  This list also is a convenient way to provide the pass order and members list with their addresses.  You can either print it out and include in the box or just have members refer back to it on the Cigar Geeks web site so that they are always viewing the latest version of it.

CigarsThis is where the current list of cigars is kept and updated.  When you start the cigar pass you will enter the initial list of cigars that will be sent out.  As each member's turn comes up and the box has been transitioned to them, they will have the ability to select their takes from the list and then enter their puts.  The list will always contain the current inventory of cigars in the cigar pass.

This is also where the Transition is executed.  Under the list of cigars is a form that allows you transition the box to the next member.  Only the "Member in Play" and the Moderator will have access to this form.  To transition the cigar pass, select the member to transition it to, any notes, and information about the delivery and tracking number.  If you provide a tracking number, you will be able to track it by clicking on the link provided on the History page.  When a cigar pass is transitioned, each member will receive an email with the details and a link to track the delivery.

HistoryThis page shows the details of all stages of the cigar pass.  It starts with the original list of cigars at Stage 1 and follows each stage showing the member who was in play, their puts and takes, the date it was transitioned, and the delivery company and tracking number with a link to the tracking information.

ForumThis link takes you to a forum that is automatically created when a cigar pass is set up.  It is a forum dedicated for your use to discuss the cigar pass.

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