The Geek Critique Review Process

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The Geek Critique Review Process
The "Geek Critique" is another valuable service provided by the Cigar Geeks community.  These are more in-depth reviews that are performed by selected members who have been specifically invited and have agreed to accept the task.  The format is typically that of 5 separate reviewers of the exact same vitola.

The reviews are based on the more traditional 100 point scale and divided between various measurable characteristics including:
  • Pre-Light (20 points)
  • Lighting and Burning (15 points)
  • Construction (30 points)
  • Flavor and Aroma (35 points)
Each characteristic includes a point rating as well as a summary of the reviewer's experience of that aspect of the cigar.  There is also an overall summary of the experience that ties it all together.  The ratings and comments are entered via a web form that will pull everything together and present it back to the community in an article format with an overall rating.

Where do these Cigars come from?
The cigars for the reviews come from various sources.  We have manufacturers who contact us with an interest of providing them in order to get some free advertising and honest unbiased feedback.  We have many members who broker them through a partnership with B&Ms and vendors with the same interest.  We also have members who simply provide them through their generosity and spirit of giving back to the community.

How do I sponsor one?
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for a Geek Critique you can reach out to one of the admins.  There has been such a great interest in sponsoring these and they are usually scheduled several months in advance.  Please make sure you are able to provide 5 of the same vitola so we can get a good mix of opinions.  Also, if you plan to sponsor one, you will be the one to ship to each of the 5 reviewers individually.

As a sponsor for a Member Sponsored Geek Critique, what are my responsibilities?
In addition to providing 5 identical cigars, size and blend, a sponsor is responsible for choosing the reviewers or deciding what criteria will be used to choose the reviewers and forwarding this information to the coordinating administrator along with the specific cigar size details before the original thread is posted by the administrator. Once the administrator posts the original thread, the sponsor is responsible to host the thread. Hosting the thread means proving information for the reviewers such as: when the cigars will be mailed out, tracking numbers when utilized, reminding members to chime in when they receive the cigar, and posting occasional reminders when the due date gets near. Note, when choosing reviewers, please be sure the members are in good standing and are currently active.

How do you become a reviewer?
Reviewers are traditionally chosen by either the sponsors of the cigars or by the admins.  Generally, we look to find folks who have been active on the site and have not recently done a Geek Critique.  This is usually a mix of older/established members as well as new members.

Where do I enter one?
If you are a reviewer of a Geek Critique, you should go here:;area=critiques
At the top of this page you should see a box that provides the link to the form for entering the review.  Access is specifically granted to the individuals usually when the cigars are sent out.  If you are a reviewer, you have received the cigar, and you don't see this link to the form then contact SenorPablo via PM to get the access setup.

If you would like to print out a PDF form to have in front of you while smoking your cigar, click here to download a PDF form.  You can then transfer the review to the web site later.

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