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How to insert photos into Cigar Geeks posts
 by Hot Stuff x

I'm going to explain three ways to put photos into your posts at Cigar Geeks (CG).  Let me start off by saying that I'm not going to explain how to use photo editing software or how to set up an account on a photo hosting website, so this tutorial will require some knowledge or additional study on your part.
This tutorial will discuss two subjects, and each of those subjects will have two parts.  
Subject One:  Where and How to get your photos uploaded to the internet.
  • Using a photo hosting website (other than Cigar Geeks)
  • Using the Cigar Geeks Photo Album
Subject Two:   Placing your photo into a Cigar Geeks forum post.
  • Using the "Insert Image" tool on the toolbar (your user account settings must have "Use rich edit box when composing messages?" set to "Yes").
  • Using  HTML  (this also works to insert images into reviews).
Subject One:  Uploading your photos to the Web

 Before you can use a photo in your CG post you will have to get your photos onto the Web.  You can either post the photos to the CG photo album (file must be less than 100Kb), or you can use a photo that is posted at some other photo hosting website.    I will discuss how to do each of these methods.

Method 1:  Uploading your photos to a site other than Cigar Geeks.

First you need to choose a photo hosting website.  This can be anyplace on the internet that allows photo uploads.  I have used Flickr, Photobucket, and even Facebook to host my photos.   Just do a search for "online photo hosting" and you'll get a big list of options to choose from.  Many of them are free of charge for a basic account.

Once you have an account at a photo hosting site (or even a Facebook account), upload your photos to that site using whatever tool the site you're on provides for uploading.   Once your photos are uploaded and viewable, you're ready to move on to Subject Two of this tutorial.

Note:  if you're going to put these photos into a Cigar Geeks post, you'll want to make sure they're an appropriate size.  Some sites such as Facebook resize your images automatically when you upload, but even that may not be the size you want.   Other sites, like Flickr, allow you to view your photos in a variety of sizes.  But if you want to ensure your photos are the size you intend to post to Cigar Geeks, then resize the photo before you upload it.  This can be done with just about any photo editing program.  I usually use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to crop and resize my photos.

Method 2:  Uploading your photos to the CG Photo Album.
  • Select "photo album" from the Cigar Geeks menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Select "create and edit your photo album" from the box in the upper right of the screen.
  • Create a new album or choose an existing album.
  • From the same screen, select the "upload photos" link.
  • Click the "Browse" button and Choose a photo (gif, png, bmp, jpg) from your computer to upload.  Your photo must be less than 100KB.   If it is too large then you must compress the file.  File size and picture size are not the same thing.  Compressing the file size  can be done with many photo editing programs.  I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
  • Click the "Submit" button.   If the file is too large you will get an error message.  Reduce the file size and try again.   If the file was okay to upload, the top of the upload box will display "Upload successful. You may choose to upload another."
  • Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have uploaded all the photos you want to upload to this album.
  • When you are finished uploading, select "return to the album control panel".
  • Choose your album now to view the photo(s) you uploaded.  Click on a photo to display it at a larger size and to see comments.
  • You're ready to move on to Subject Two of this tutorial.
Subject Two:   Placing your photo into a Cigar Geeks forum post.

Now comes the fun part.   There are two ways to do this.  But first you need to know how to get the URL (web address or location) for the photo file you want to put into your post.   To get the URL, you must go to the place where the photo is hosted and view the photo you want to post.   Most photo hosting websites have the direct link to the photo easily available.   If you are using a site like Facebook or some other place that doesn't provide the URL, open the photo.  Once the photo is open, right click on the photo and choose "properties" from the menu that pops up.  The properties box will open, and one of the properties that is displayed is "Address: (URL)".   Left Click and Drag your mouse across this address to select it.  Once the full URL is selected, release the left mouse button and either (a) right click on the mouse and select "copy", or (b) press CTRL-C on your keyboard to copy the selection.  

Now that you have copied the Web Address (URL) for your photo, proceed to Method 1 or Method 2 below.

Method 1:  Using the "Insert Image" tool on the forum toolbar (your user account settings must have "Use rich edit box when composing messages?" set to "Yes").

First let's talk about setting your user account to use the rich edit box.  

Most of you probably already have this set.  If not, choose "My Account" from the CG main menu on the left side of the screen, then ensure that "Use rich edit box when composing messages?"  is set to "Yes".

Once that is done, you will have access to the full toolbar that allows you to, among other things, format text, insert photos, and insert hyperlinks into your posts.

Now that you have the rich edit box enabled, inserting a photo into your posts is very easy.  When posting a reply or starting a new thread, click on the "insert image" icon on the toolbar (Figure 1).

(Figure 1)

In the dialog box that pops up, enter the URL (web address) where your photo is located. This will add your photo to your post.   If you followed the instructions above about how to copy your photo's URL, you can simply (a) right click in the dialog box and select "paste", or (b)  you can click in the dialog box and press CTRL-V on your keyboard.

Method 2:  Using  HTML  (this also works to insert images into reviews).   For this method you do not need to enable the rich edit box.

To use this method you must use an HTML tag to insert your image(s).  

The format is   You must use the quotes.   If it doesn't work and you get a box with a red X in it, check the URL to make sure you have it in there correctly.  If instead of a photo you get part of the HTML code or some other glitch, check to make sure the HTML  you entered is formatted correctly.

That's it!

From Cigar Geeks member, Hot Stuff x

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