Pay it Forward (PIF)

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Pay it Forward (PIF)
 inspired by Jackal and Longhorn

PIF stands for "Pay It Forward."

Geeks earn the right to become the recipient of a PIF by first Paying it Forward.

The Geek in play will post a list or give the rest of the community some general ideas of the cigars they like.

If you can fulfill at least a couple of the cigars on the list, then you can post on the thread that you'd like to do so. It is customary to send at least a five pack of cigars.

Only one person can fulfill a PIF at any given time, so pay attention to the interactions on the thread to ensure you're not stepping on someone who has already offered to Pay It Forward.

You should send your cigars to the recipient in a reasonable amount of time. This is typically within 3 business days. You should post the tracking number on the thread after you've sent the package.

The recipient of the PIF then posts an acknowledgement that they received their cigars (usually accompanied by a photo). You should put these posts on the PIF thread with one exception: If the PIF you received had ISOM's, post a picture of the PIF without ISOM's on the PIF thread and then use the ISOM forum to share a photo of all cigars.

After the acknowledgement has been posted, the Geek who fulfilled the PIF can then post their list. If no one picks up your list after several days, you may need to expand your list in order to get someone to Pay It Forward.

Finally, there can be different themes for a PIF. For example, the PIF on this forum entitled Wish List PIF focuses on fulfilling other peoples cigar Wish Lists that contain harder to find, limited edition cigars. Alternatively, the Ordinary Average Guy PIF focuses on good quality cigars but ones that are more readily available.  Be sure to read the original PIF post to understand any nuance of the PIF.

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