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Don Pepin Garcia (My Father Cigars) My Father No. 3
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Murphy223

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This was a blind review by our members.

This one has been generously sponsored by our member bstessl (Brian).  The cigar provided for this round is the">Don Pepin Garcia My Father (Rosado) No. 3.  The eponymous My Father cigar is the flagship cigar of Garcia's operation, blended by Jamie in honor of his father. One of the most revered cigars being produced today, the powerhouse My Father is blended to have a balanced and rich flavor with just right amount of power (which for the Garcia's is more than for other cigar families).  Thanks very much Brian for sponsoring this!

Don Pepin Garcia (My Father Cigars) My Father No. 3

Don Pepin Garcia (My Father Cigars)
My Father No. 3
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3.94 star rating based on 9 Review(s) (9 Review(s))
Pre-Light: 10 Points of 10 Possible

This is a beautiful looking cigar. Nice oily brown wrapper with no visible veins and a little bit of tooth.  Prelight draw had the perfect amount of resistance and  hinted of light cinnamon spice and a bit of cocoa (sweetness).  I was excited to spark it up.

Lighting and Burn: 12 Points of 15 Possible

Burn was very good.  It tunneled a bit at the start but a quick fix and was razor sharp the rest of the way.  Burn was very consistent

Ash was light grey throughout.  It held firm for about 1/2 inch at a time before falling off.  
Smoke volume was very light when drawing and almost non existent when resting.

One other note - this was a slow burning cigar.  Lasted well over an hour

Construction: 30 Points of 30 Possible

Construction of this cigar excellent.  It was rolled perfectly and had a nicely applied cap. No visible seams and I could not find any faults or imperfections which was reflected by the fact, I had no burn or draw issues.   Very Solid!

Flavor and Aroma: 40 Points of 45 Possible

First 1/3 was not spicy as I expected from the prelight draw.  Flavors of tobacco, leather and a bit of sweetness.  At the start I would has said this was a medium bodied smoke.

Second 1/3 - Not much change in flavor profiles but they were more pronounced. Still leather, earthy. Strength also picked up and this was is clearly a medium to full bodied smoke.

Final 1/3 - Same experience as the above.  No real flavor changes.  Just consistent from start to finish.  


Thankyou both  bstessl (Brian) for sponsoring and Bruce (Brlesq) for allowing me to participate.

This was my 3rd Blind tasting and as mentioned above, very enjoyable.   It was a good looking cigar and my only knock was that there wasn't much in terms of overall complexity flavor-wise but it was a very enjoyable smoke from start to finish.   Can't wait to find out what it was so I can add some to my humidor.

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