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Don Pepin Garcia (My Father Cigars) My Father No. 3
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Byron (Beegerply)

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This was a blind review by our members.

This one has been generously sponsored by our member bstessl (Brian).  The cigar provided for this round is the">Don Pepin Garcia My Father (Rosado) No. 3.  The eponymous My Father cigar is the flagship cigar of Garcia's operation, blended by Jamie in honor of his father. One of the most revered cigars being produced today, the powerhouse My Father is blended to have a balanced and rich flavor with just right amount of power (which for the Garcia's is more than for other cigar families).  Thanks very much Brian for sponsoring this!

Don Pepin Garcia (My Father Cigars) My Father No. 3

Don Pepin Garcia (My Father Cigars)
My Father No. 3
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3.94 star rating based on 9 Review(s) (9 Review(s))
This cigar was enjoyed with Water

Pre-Light: 10 Points of 10 Possible

Very nice looking cigar, was somewhat dry looking, not much of an aroma along the barrel but a very sweet grass aroma at the foot. The cap looked well applied and the seams from the roll were almost invisable. The cigat was very firm in hand with no soft spots.

Lighting and Burn: 15 Points of 15 Possible

The burn on this cigar was good, it was a bit wavy but needed no touch ups. The ash was a bit loose however, it held strong for almost 1 inch, and was salt and pepper in color. The burn rate was really good there was no re-light. The smoke volume was excellent.

Construction: 27 Points of 30 Possible

The cigar cut clean using a guillotine cutter. With the cigar being firm in hand I pictured it was going to be a very tight draw. But to my delight the draw was spot on. The wrapper was smooth and was medium to dark brown in color, there were no big veins running through this cigar.

Flavor and Aroma: 41 Points of 45 Possible

The opening draw on this cigar was a nice rich tobacco followed by a really nice earthiness, and a slight spice. On the retro-hale there was a bit of black pepper. On the after taste I good taste the sweet grass from the aroma on the pre-draw. These flavors bounced around with each other with an occasional espresso coffee notes mixed in. I felt it was medium to full in strength.  


Overall I really enjoyed this cigar. Now the question is what was it. I think this was maybe a Nicaraguan filler, a Corojo binder with the wrapper being Nicaragaun. My guess would be a Camacho, not really sure on which series. Thanks Brian for letting me do this review.

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