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Viaje Honey and Hand Grenades (HHG) The Rapier Maduro
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Chuck (Cfickter)

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Welcome to another Member sponsored Geek Critique.  This one has been generously sponsored by our member ninfiction (Brian).  The cigar provided for this round is the">Viaje Honey and Hand Grenades (HHG) The Rapier Maduro.  We did a Geek Critique in May 2017 on the original HHG Rapier. So how do you improve upon a classic? You wrap it in a flawless San Andres Maduro wrapper. Viaje's fondness for San Andres is no secret, so when they began experimenting with Honey & Hand Grenades, this beautiful cover leaf was an obvious choice, and became the new HHG Maduro, which began shipping in June 2021.

Viaje Honey and Hand Grenades (HHG) The Rapier Maduro

Honey and Hand Grenades (HHG) The Rapier Maduro
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Pre-Light: 10 Points of 10 Possible

The very first impression you get of any cigar you get is the visual of how the cigar is presented. The H&H Maduro Rapier does a great job of presenting the cigar in a way that make you want to pick it up and know more.  Once you remove the red foil you see a rich, deep dark oily wrapper.  Few veins, firm cannon.  Interesting wrap, almost cap like, on the foot.
Small cut on the foot and slightly deeper on the cap.  Initial aroma was earth and chocolate, pre-light draw was very traditional maduro flavors

Lighting and Burn: 15 Points of 15 Possible

Cigar was quick to light with the smaller foot opening, initial burn was slightly wobbly but quickly self-corrected and the burn line remained fairly straight.  Burn rate was reasonable, no relights required.
Smoke was blueish and volume seemed light early but increased later in the smoke. Ash was a mixture of flakes and layers. Various tones of grey to black

Construction: 28 Points of 30 Possible

Early draw was slightly tight perhaps due to the very small foot cut I took but loosened up as the smoke progressed. I guess you could have just lit the end uncut. No loose of flaking wrapper issues during the smoke.  Cap held up exceptionally well. Overall, the cigar construction was solid, cigar remained firm.  

Flavor and Aroma: 38 Points of 45 Possible

First 1/3:  The opening draws were powerful and with strong pepper and spiciness hitting the tongue. Any hint of the pre-light chocolate I thought I found was nowhere to be found. Retrohale only enhanced the pepper.  There seems to be a sharpness to the flavor, a very well-defined edge.  As the first third ends things began to calm down a little
Second 1/3: The cigar continues to calm down a bit and falls into a very nice, more traditional maduro profile of woody and earthy tones, but the tongue is still picking up some heat. Not a lot of movement of flavor during this third.
Final 1/3: The final third picks up where the second third left off but steps back up on the final inch. Leaving the traditional maduro flavors behind the heat and pepper return, but not so much in the retrohale.


Overall experience was very good.  For me the cigar lacked complexity but if Viaje's intent was a solid strong stick then they accomplished that.  This is not a smoke for the casual or inexperienced smoker and needs to be smoked slowly.  My smoke lasted 1 hr. 50 mins. But could have lasted much longer if a slowed down even more.  For the MSRP of under $11 it is a great value.

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