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Fuerte Y Libre Sun Country Toro
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: cfickter (Cfickter)

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Welcome to another Member sponsored Geek Critique generously sponsored by our member 05Venturer (Kent). The cigar provided for this round is the">Fuerte Y Libre Sun Country Toro.

Hand made in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera El Hoyito, these cigars incorporate well-aged Dominican Piloto Cubano in the Ligero (double), Filler and Binder with aged Mexican San Andrés wrapper leaf blended into the filler for a little something special. This full body core is then wrapped in a creamy Ecuadorean Shade wrapper to create a balance of flavors that has to be experienced as no words can truly capture what we have done here. Named after a bad ass bull, the Sun Country will definitely brighten your day.

Fuerte Y Libre Sun Country Toro

Fuerte Y Libre
Sun Country Toro
Ring Gauge:
Country of Origin:
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Connecticut Shade
Colorado Claro
Medium Body/Full Strength – At first glance this cigar should not be a part of a brand called Strong and Free. The creamy Shade wrapper screams mild cigar but it is hiding a big secret. The core of this cigar was designed to surprise you with its double Dominican Ligero and aged Dominican Filler and Binder we have amped it up just a bit by blending some Mexican San Andrés Wrapper leaf into the filler. This creates a full bodied and full strength core that is wrapped in that mild creaminess. We know you will enjoy this one as many have exclaimed that it is our best blend yet.
This cigar was enjoyed with Dark roast coffee, black

Pre-Light: 8 Points of 10 Possible

Slightly rough, fragile looking wrapper, showing some smaller veins.  Well-constructed cap. Body was firm, but overly.  Pre light aroma was very light with some grass or hay notes.  Pre light draw was free.  Cap cut (Xikar XO) was very flakey

Lighting and Burn: 13 Points of 15 Possible

Cigar was quick to light.  Initial burn was slightly wobbly but quickly self-corrected and remained very straight.  Burn rate seemed somewhat quick as it took just a little over an hour for this review.  Ash was layered and flakey, mostly grey.  No issues with tunneling or canoeing, no relights needed.  Smoke volume was moderate.

Construction: 24 Points of 30 Possible

Construction was somewhat of an issue with this cigar. Taking into consideration that some of these can be common to fragile Connecticut wrappers. A crack quickly formed from the cap to the band.  This really affected the draw.  This early crack was unfortunate since the rest of the wrapper held up well.  No issues with the cap.  Band came of cleanly. But also was the reason the crack didn't expand.

Flavor and Aroma: 39 Points of 45 Possible

First 1/3
The first lit draw had a surprising, unexpected pop of spice based on the pre-light aroma. The spice hits the roof of the mouth towards the back.  After the initial pop it quickly calms down into a much milder strength with some grass/hay and some light bakery notes.  Still some slightly heavier spice notes on a retrohale

Second 1/3
Not a lot of change thru this third. Continued mild strength and slight spice on retrohale.  There is a smoothness and slightly creamy feel.  

Final 1/3
Most of the spice in the retrohale is now gone. Still the major notes are grassy and some slight bakery flavor.  The mildness was consistent though out the final third.  


This was my first foray in to the line.  There was little complexity, but the smoothness and lighter notes would seem to make it a good choice for an early day or first smoke where you may not want to concentrate too much on the cigar and just enjoy the smoke.  You would need to be careful with your drink pairing choice and it could easily over power the cigar.
Many of the construction issues would not be uncommon with Connecticut wrappers in general but still caused issues and might be a concern going forward.  But only the next cigar will tell.  Overall, it was an enjoyable cigar.

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