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ADVentura The Royal Return King's Gold Corona
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Kent (05Venturer)

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Welcome to another Member sponsored Geek Critique generously sponsored by our member appollo (Stephen).  This was done as a blind review so there were no pre-concieved notions about what anyone was smoking.  The cigar provided for this round is the">ADVentura The Royal Return King's Gold Corona.  

According to ADVentura: The tobacco used for this blend is quite rare, so we are forced to produce super small batches, and monitor the delicate complexity, flavor, and balance with each step. The flavor profile we strive to achieve with this blend is quite specific, therefore, the tobacco dictates the production.

ADVentura The Royal Return King's Gold Corona

The Royal Return King's Gold Corona
Ring Gauge:
Country of Origin:
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
United States
Connecticut Broadleaf
Long Corona
This cigar was enjoyed with coffee and ice water

Pre-Light: 8 Points of 10 Possible

At first glance the cigar looks a bit dry yet toothy with one vein running the length of the cigar. Aroma is just a basic tobacco with a hint of cocoa. Predraw shows just a bit of resistance, cut with my V-cutter.

Lighting and Burn: 14 Points of 15 Possible

Lit well with a single flame torch, burn went a bit wonky for the first 1/2 - 3/4 inch but then straightened up well and remains spot on thru rest of smoke which was surprising as I have about a 25 - 30 mph wind on the deck, with gusts nearly blowing my laptop away. Ash also held on suprisingly well in the wind.

Construction: 26 Points of 30 Possible

A few softer spots thru length of cigar but overall not bad, wrapper looks a little " rustic" but that is not affecting the flavor or construction. Cap was well applied and took a V-cut very well. Cigar performed very well thru entire smoke with zero issues.

Flavor and Aroma: 42 Points of 45 Possible

1/2: First flavors of the smoke I get are an earthy metallic with a hint of spice, retrohale as suspected increases the spice 2 fold. Not a lot of complexity thru the first 1/2 but still quite enjoyable.

2/2: Second half kicks up the spice to a full blown pepper especially on the retrohale. Getting a slight burn on my tongue towards the last 1-1/2 of the cigar, possibly due to the v-cut as I notice this a bit more when v-cutting cigars on occasion.


Overall cigar was enjoyable, I will be interested to see what this cigar is as this was a blind review and I truthfully have no clue even what to guess. I would like to try another couple of these with a straight cut and pair it with a bourbon or rye. Thanks to Brian for allowing me to participate in this review.

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