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Jas Sum Kral Munchies English Almond Toffee Robusto
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Brian (ninfiction)

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Welcome to another Member sponsored Geek Critique generously sponsored by our member bstessl (Brian).  This was done as a blind review so there were no pre-concieved notions about what anyone was smoking.  The cigar provided for this round is the Jas Sum Kral Munchies English Almond Toffee Robusto.

Delve into the world of sophistication and sweetness with Munchies English Almond Toffee cigars. Wrapped in a tantalizing Habano wrapper and measuring at a classic 5×50 size, these cigars promise a medium body and a flavor profile that marries the richness of English toffee with the warm, earthy notes of Habano tobacco. Immerse yourself in the velvety sweetness of toffee, complemented by the distinctive spiciness of Habano. This blend represents the pinnacle of flavor creativity and tobacco craftsmanship.

Jas Sum Kral Munchies English Almond Toffee Robusto

Jas Sum Kral
Munchies English Almond Toffee Robusto
Ring Gauge:
Country of Origin:
Colorado Claro
This cigar was enjoyed with Water

Pre-Light: 9 Points of 10 Possible

Nice looking cigar.  Smooth wrapper, no major veins. Pretty firm to the touch, may be one soft spot about 2 inches up from the foot. We'll see if it affects the burn.

The foot smells like a chocolate bar. All I know is this is an infused cigar. Doesn't seem to have a sweetened cap which is a huge plus in my book. Nicely wrapped with a smooth cap. It looks and feels like a well constructed cigar.

I used a punch to cut the cigar and the cold draw does not taste infused, the foot really smells of chocolate though.

Lighting and Burn: 14 Points of 15 Possible

Total smoke time was about 1:40

Great draw and smoke volume. I wouldn't say the ash is solid but it does hold on pretty well about an inch at a time. I did drop the ash on my lap a couple times, it seems solid and then in a flash it isn't.

The cigar required zero relights or touch-ups. It even seems to smoke well through what I thought was a soft spot. No issues. The burn line wasn't perfect but I didn't need to correct it other than an extra puff here and there to keep it burning, pretty normal for my smoking style,

Construction: 29 Points of 30 Possible

I did already mention the wrapper and cap. Both are nice and smooth and expertly applied. This is a good looking cigar.

I used a punch and the draw is near perfect. Nice mouthfuls of smoke. I think I covered most of this in the Lighting and Burn section, the cigar performed spectacularly. Didn't have to worry about messing with it at all which always makes the experience more pleasurable.

Overall I would say the construction was fantastic. This infused cigar has opened my eyes to what they can be. It's constructed like any other cigar I find myself smoking.

Flavor and Aroma: 28 Points of 45 Possible

The aroma is hot chocolate, though the chocolate flavor of the smoke is not heavy at all. If I hadn't been told this was infused I might wonder if it was aside from the heavy chocolate aroma . . . man I hope I'm right with the chocolate otherwise this will be my last Geek Critique.

Waited and waited for a little change or something to peak my interest but it never came. I think the chocolate aroma is throwing off the taste. All I taste is a hint of chocolate, tiny bit of pepper and little pipe like tobacco. It's not terrible by any means, just not that exciting to me.


This cigar review was done blind. We were only told that it is an infused cigar. I don't think I've smoked more than 3-4 infused cigars over the years so I didn't have much hope for this experience.

While I found the cigar very one dimensional it wasn't terrible. I did tire of the aroma and I wonder if that affected my taste because I always had the cocoa in my nose. I will also say this is by far the best infused cigar I've had. I don't think I could have guessed it was infused, I might have wondered because of the aroma but it wasn't obvious.

Thank you to Brian for including me. The score might nor reflect it but this was a pleasant surprise and for the right price I might smoke one again.

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