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Jas Sum Kral Munchies English Almond Toffee Robusto
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Kent (05Venturer)

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Welcome to another Member sponsored Geek Critique generously sponsored by our member bstessl (Brian).  This was done as a blind review so there were no pre-concieved notions about what anyone was smoking.  The cigar provided for this round is the Jas Sum Kral Munchies English Almond Toffee Robusto.

Delve into the world of sophistication and sweetness with Munchies English Almond Toffee cigars. Wrapped in a tantalizing Habano wrapper and measuring at a classic 5×50 size, these cigars promise a medium body and a flavor profile that marries the richness of English toffee with the warm, earthy notes of Habano tobacco. Immerse yourself in the velvety sweetness of toffee, complemented by the distinctive spiciness of Habano. This blend represents the pinnacle of flavor creativity and tobacco craftsmanship.

Jas Sum Kral Munchies English Almond Toffee Robusto

Jas Sum Kral
Munchies English Almond Toffee Robusto
Ring Gauge:
Country of Origin:
Colorado Claro
This cigar was enjoyed with Water

Pre-Light: 10 Points of 10 Possible

Very smooth wrapper with basically no veins or blemishes, feels well packed and rolled. An aroma of sweetness, cocoa and light tobacco is what I get and it is very pleasant. Looks to be a very well made cigar. Cap cut well with my trusty Xikar straight cutter.

Lighting and Burn: 14 Points of 15 Possible

Burn line is spot on right from the get go, ash is solid and holding on well until tapped off. Burn rate seems a bit slower than a lot of cigars for me but that is no problem at all. Smoke volume is a bit light but that is not a problem as the flavor is good. Zero relights or touch ups were needed throughout the smoke.

Construction: 26 Points of 30 Possible

Draw started out a bit snug for just a short time then eased up to near perfect. Wrapper did develop a small crack about 1/2 way thru the cigar but it did not seem to affect smokability, once I smoked past the small crack there were no more issues. Draw and burn stayed consistent thru the smoke with no further problems.

Flavor and Aroma: 41 Points of 45 Possible

1/2 - Upon lighting I get a great combination of both sweet and spicy, the "infusion" in this cigar is right on point, not overbearing but still enough there for a great out of the norm flavor bomb. Flavors stayed quite consistent thru the 1st 1/2. Retrohale intensifies the spice but definitely not overpowering, cigar seems very well balanced so far with a medium strength.

2/2 -Second half I am noticing a very slight metallic flavor, not much but light in the background. Cigar is staying pretty consistent thru the 2nd half with no major changes. This is one of very few "flavored or infused" cigars that are actually enjoyable to smoke and I would smoke again.


I am fairly confident I am correct guessing what this cigar is, if I am correct it is one I have been looking forward to try. Big thanks to Brian for sponsoring and including me in this critique. I smoke a handful of infused cigars a year for a change of pace and this one will most definitely go in to that rotation.

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