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Tatuaje Monster Series The Face Redux
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: nirab

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Welcome to another Member sponsored Geek Critique generously sponsored by our member Byron (Beegerply).  The cigar provided for this round is the Tatuaje Monster Series The Face Redux.

Tatuaje's The Face became recognizable for using a jaggedly cut piece of Ecuadorian Connecticut tobacco to serve as the band, a nod to the movie monster Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, who was known for wearing a mask made of a person's skin. Like its Monster Series predecessors, The Frank and The Drac, it came in boxes designed to look like coffins, complete with red paint splattered on them to mimic the look of blood. Tatuaje produced 5,000 boxes of 13 The Face Redux 3 — a total of 65,000 cigars — of those 5,000 boxes, 700 are individually numbered, while the other 4,300 are not.

Tatuaje Monster Series The Face Redux

Monster Series The Face Redux
Ring Gauge:
Country of Origin:
Toro Gordo
This cigar was enjoyed with Athletic Brewing NA Brew

Pre-Light: 9 Points of 10 Possible

A good looking, dry feeling wrapper, with a small vein near the head of the cigar. The wrapper is very smooth. The cap is well applied, and stays intact after a v-cut. Packing is firm, with no soft spots.

Lighting and Burn: 11 Points of 15 Possible

The burn was pretty solid throughout, but did get uneven here and there, and then settled back to even. The ash was semi-solid, at times firm, other times flaky. The color was a nice contrast of white with black striping and dotting. The burn rate was slow for a larger ring gauge. No re-lights required. The smoke volume was medium to light, which was surprising.

Construction: 27 Points of 30 Possible

The draw was on the firm side, with a bit more resistance than I like, but it was not unbearable. The wrapper was well applied, and smooth as silk. The cap stayed intact after cutting and smoking. A well constructed cigar.

Flavor and Aroma: 39 Points of 45 Possible

The strength was on the medium side, with a medium to light body. Flavors were tobacco and slightly charred meat, with a bit of dry cocoa in the back of the profile. The charred meat flavor was while smoking and exhaling, while the cocoa was more present when retrohaling. Very different! There was not any complexity with this cigar, it stayed the same from beginning to end. The aftertaste was on the bitter side, but it was a pleasant bitterness.


Overall, I enjoyed this cigar. It was far from complex for me, but it was very enjoyable. I was surprised by the light side of the body, as I expected it to be more full. Floating in the pool while smoking this added to the enjoyment! As always, I am grateful to have been included in this GC, and I thank Adam for including me in this one. I would happily smoke another for sure. Be well my friends!

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