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Santa Ana Robusto
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: David Robinson (gitfiddl)

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Welcome to another Cigar Geeks Critique of a cigar provided to us by our friends at Palomino Cigars.  Up for review this time is the Santa Ana Robusto.  They have generously provided a number of cigars in the Robusto size for our members to review.  Special thanks to member ljlemer (aka Larry) for lining this one up.

Santa Ana Robusto

Santa Ana
Ring Gauge:
Country of Origin:
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Colorado Maduro
Average Member Rating:
3.88 star rating based on 4 Review(s) (4 Review(s))
This cigar was enjoyed with Aquafina bottled water

Pre-Light: 19 Points of 10 Possible

The initial presentation was very nice with a cedar wrap and a red ribbon around the foot.  There were a couple prominent veins. The cigar had a nice velvety sheen.  The cap was flat and probably would have taken more to a punch than my guillotine, but it cut cleanly nonetheless.

Lighting and Burn: 13 Points of 15 Possible

I experienced no uneven burn issues greater than a half an inch.  All were easily rectified with a hit of a torch.  The ash was a nice white and the first time it dropped was close to the halfway point.  When the ash did drop, it was solid and left a nice cone.  The volume of smoke was more than average.  When resting, a small trickle of smoke was noticed coming from the head after a puff.

Construction: 28 Points of 30 Possible

This cigar had a noticeable amount of heft to it.  Rolling it between the fingers, the cigar was firm with no soft spots.  The draw started out a little on the tight side, but loosened after about an inch or so into near perfect.  As stated above, the cap was relatively flat and is probably a candidate for a punch instead of a blade.  The head held up well throughout the duration with no mushiness.

Flavor and Aroma: 32 Points of 45 Possible

I would rate this cigar as a medium bodied smoke.  It opened with mostly pleasant herbal grassy flavors with just a touch of wood (oak maybe?).  At the 2/3 point I noticed a bitterness that lasted for two puffs or so and then it was gone.  It was replaced with black coffee and cedar that lasted throughout the rest of the smoke.


I truly enjoyed this cigar.   It had enough flavor and complexity to keep one interested without being overpowering.  The cello said $8. I would happily pay that to smoke another.  Thanks to Larry for scoring these for us to review.  I Know where my first stop will be next time I'm in WPB.

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