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Rocky Patel Sun Grown (Natural) Petit Corona
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Rich Fry (lowpro75)

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Welcome to another Cigar Geeks Critique of a cigar provided to us by our friends at Cigars Direct. Up for review this time is the Rocky Patel Sun Grown in the Petit Corona size.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown (Natural) Petit Corona

Rocky Patel
Sun Grown (Natural) Petit Corona
Ring Gauge:
Country of Origin:
Dominican Republic
Colorado Maduro
Petit Corona
Average Member Rating:
3.33 star rating based on 6 Review(s) (6 Review(s))
This cigar was enjoyed with Black French Vanilla Coffee

Pre-Light: 17 Points of 10 Possible

This was a colorado maduro wrapper.  It was slightly cracked at the foot but I don't think it will be an issue. There are some dark blotches near the head but they are small and part of the leaf color.  The cigar is firm to the touch and feels densely packed.  The pre-light aroma is faint but pleasant, perhaps coffee like.

Lighting and Burn: 13 Points of 15 Possible

The cigar lit easily and the burn started off even.  Throughout the smoke the burn remained fairly even as I rotated it to ensure it remained so.  The ash was a salt and pepper color and held fairly well.  This cigar produced tons of billowing smoke and I was impressed by the volume and the density of it; it coated the inside of my mouth and lingered with each draw.

Construction: 28 Points of 30 Possible

The draw was perfect throughout the cigar.  I got lots of smoke with each draw and it burned at a nice clip, not too fast, not too slow.  The ash was exploding out a bit and I wouldn't deduct points for it, but I didn't add any either.  The crack in the foot wasn't an issue at all.

Flavor and Aroma: 32 Points of 45 Possible

Upon lighting, the cigar presented with some cedar notes and a hint of vanilla.  In the first third, there was some vanilla mixed with some cedar notes and hints of pepper on the finish.  The second third the earthiness got richer, the hints of vanilla remained and the pepper started to pick up.  In the final third the pepper was the most dominant flavor with the earthiness and vanilla fading into the background.  The cigar picked up strength in the final third and I was feeling a bit of a nicotine kick.  With about 2 inches left there was a bit of harshness.  I smoked it down to the last inch.


This cigar was the perfect cigar at the perfect time.  Even though it was 50 degrees out, I didn't notice.  I was totally immersed in this cigar.  Many times, when smoking a cigar, I will do other things like
talk on the phone or surf the internet, but with this cigar the world dropped away and I did nothing but focus on it for the 45 minutes I took to smoke it.  The pairing with a black french vanilla coffee was perfect.  At one point I took a break and totally cleansed my palate to ensure that the vanilla was coming from the cigar rather than the coffee but I still got the same flavors, the coffee just enhanced them. I would buy this cigar again tp see if I could replicate the experience, but based on this smoke I would say that it was one of the best smoking experiences I've had.  

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