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Di Fazio Picoso Doble Robusto
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Ken Kelley (Ken Kelley)

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Welcome to another Cigar Geeks Critique of a set of cigars provided to us by our friends at Di Fazio Cigars.  Up for review this time is the Picoso Doble Robusto.

Di Fazio Picoso Doble Robusto

Di Fazio
Picoso Doble Robusto
Ring Gauge:
Country of Origin:
Colorado Maduro
Robusto Gordo
Average Member Rating:
3.75 star rating based on 4 Review(s) (4 Review(s))
This cigar was enjoyed with None

Pre-Light: 18 Points of 10 Possible

This is a fireplug of a cigar. It was solid in the hand with a good heft.  The wrapper is chocolate brown with a reddish cast.  The dark brown sets off the red label very nicely.  There is a slight amount of mottling which does not detract from its visual appeal. There is a slight prelight aroma of aged tobacco.  Since it is such a large ring cigar I elected to use a punch.  The cap punched cleanly with no cracking.

Lighting and Burn: 5 Points of 15 Possible

The foot toasted readily and initial smoke production was good.  After the first several puffs one side started to lag.  I let it go to see if the burn would correct itself but it didn't resulting in a correction to that side.  The first inch of the stick was an uneventful burn except for the lagging side and produced a flaky gray ash.  After the first inch disaster struck.  An abrupt bulge developed, the wrapper came loose, and the burn went wild.  The bulge was about an inch and a half long.  Although the stick kept burning and producing smoke the burn was so uneven that I had to make frequent corrections.  After I got past the bulge the burn evened out a bit but the wrapper kept coming loose.  Corrections led to flaming flaps of wrapper.  

Construction: 25 Points of 30 Possible

The cigar appeared to be well made at first inspection.  The wrapper is fairly smooth with a few medium sized veins.  The stick is packed nicely, yields slightly to a gentle squeeze, and has no soft spots.  The cap is applied well with a few small wrinkles around the edge.  The draw was on the loose side of what I prefer even with the slight restriction imposed by punching rather than slicing off the cap.

Flavor and Aroma: 8 Points of 45 Possible

The cigar opened with a very mild touch of spice.  The first inch yielded a pleasant mildly sweet smoke with hints of coffee.  Once the burn hit the bulge about midway through the first third the strength picked up slightly but the flavor deteriorated, turning somewhat harsh with occasional tarry notes.  Once past the bulged portion the strength dropped back to the mild side and what little flavor remained was of mild tobacco.


The first inch of the cigar was pleasing with a slight sweetness, coffee notes, and thick creamy smoke. I'm disappointed the burn issues interfered with its development as it was headed in a good direction.  I think if this had been a stick I was smoking solely for my own enjoyment I would probably have tossed it when it started acting up.  However, since the experience was for the sake of a Geek Review I stuck it out til the end rather than spinning it off into orbit. I'm at a loss to explain why the cigar bulged so abruptly.  It couldn't have been overhumidified because it spent at least three days without humidification in transit.  When it arrived I placed it in a humidor I know is at 65% where it spent a few days resting.  Cigars I've smoked in the past that I knew were overhumidified  usually started bulging almost immediately after lighting and the bulge progressed with the burn.  This stick burned fine for the first inch and again after the bulge was passed.  I smoked a Diesel from that humidor the next day and it burned perfectly so I know the problem most likely was not due to humidity issues.  It's a mystery!  

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