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Di Fazio Connecticut Doble Robusto
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: sam a

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Welcome to another Cigar Geeks Critique of a set of cigars provided to us by our friends at Di Fazio Cigars.  Up for review this time is the Connecticut Doble Robusto.

Di Fazio Connecticut Doble Robusto

Di Fazio
Connecticut Doble Robusto
Ring Gauge:
Country of Origin:
Connecticut Shade
Colorado Claro
Robusto Gordo
Average Member Rating:
4.17 star rating based on 3 Review(s) (3 Review(s))
This cigar was enjoyed with black coffee

Pre-Light: 18 Points of 10 Possible

This stick has a very delicate appearance despite it's massive ring gauge. It is wrapped in a pale, silky soft connecticut leaf that has a couple green spots on it. The pre-light aroma is of sweet hay.  

Lighting and Burn: 6 Points of 15 Possible

I lit it with a Ronson JetLite quite easily and immediately got loads of thick smoke. For the first half it burnt well, nice sturdy ash, and a slightly jagged but self correcting burn line. But then the cigar self-destructed and it turned to a smoldering mess.

Construction: 8 Points of 30 Possible

This is where it all fell apart... literally. The wrapper was incredibly fragile, to the point that it could hardly be touched without tearing. When lighting it the wrapper stuck to my lip and tore badly so it started on a bad foot. Then at about the halfway point it exploded. A large crack shot all the way down to the cap and the wrapper and binder came unraveled. This obviously made it very difficult to get any draw at all for the remainder of the smoke.  

Flavor and Aroma: 30 Points of 45 Possible

This was a very nice mild bodied but flavorful cigar. It started with an almond, and creamy flavor. After the first 20 min. and about an inch into it, it became very tasty and complex with flavors of honey, nutmeg, and wheat. unfortunately I cannot comment on the last half, for reasons mentioned earlier.


I would really like to give this cigar another shot (although probably in a different size). It was enjoyable in the beginning and if the last half would have kept it together, I think it would have preformed well.

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