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HOT deals / Another CP deal...
05/08/2021 07:24 PM
Another instance of Cigar Page running a sale on a stick I've just reviewed, in this case the Drew Estates Factory Smokes.  Also listed here is the Aganorsa New Cuba line, so naturally I had to stock up.  10 pack of Factory Smokes Maduro Gordos for $19 and a tenner of New Cuba Corojo Robustos for $12.30, wow!  :smoker:
HOT deals / Aganorsa New Cuba
04/18/2021 03:15 PM
I just reviewed one of these this morning and just like that Cigar Page is having another sale on them, and prices are even lower than what I previously paid.  Dunno about y'all, but I am about to stock up...
There is a link for registering your disapproval....
So, over the course of my brief cigar smoking journey, I've seen various complaints posted both here and elsewhere about the condition of sticks that come from Cigars International and Cigar Bid, those two outlets being more or less the same place from what I can tell.  I've seen mention here that they over-humidify their stuff.  I've seen mention elsewhere that they under-humidify and their sticks are "dried out, tasteless crap".  When I started this journey about 2 1/2 years ago, i was getting the majority of my sticks from one of them or the other and I did experience a number of burn issues with various sticks back then, which seemed to indicate to me that maybe they were over-humidifying and their sticks were maybe a bit damp ROTT.  So, I took to smoking them in chronological order of when I got them in order to give them maximum humidor time at what seemed to be the general consensus here as an optimal humidity - 65 RH.  Since doing that, I've had fewer burn issues and better smoking experiences, at least for the most part.  OK, that's the back story...

After seeing someone elsewhere complaining recently about what he thought was his "dried out, tasteless crap" issue, I decided to do some actual testing of sticks that were ROTT. I recently received a shipment from C-bid and tested them all with my Cigarmedics Humidimeter, which I've also been using on all the sticks I review.  Here are the results as measured at the head and foot of one stick from each five pack, the first number being the head and the second being the foot.

- Laranja Escuro toro - 67, 59
- Manowar Side Project: Legion - 62, 55
- Brick House Mighty Mighty - 66, 61
- Latitude Zero Gordo - 68, 71
- La Perla Habana Classic Cameroon Toro - 72, 71
- Manowar Valkyrie Churchill - 71, 67
- Brick House Maduro robusto - 70, 54
- Macanudo Inspirado Green Robusto - 65, 64
- 5 Vegas Triple A Robusto - 74, 68
- La Palina Regal Reserve Toro - 62, 52
- Ave Maria Dark Knight Robusto - 71, 61
- Zino Platinum Scepter Series Grand Master Robusto - 67, 59

So, I was surprised to find that most of these numbers are right in line with the numbers I've been getting from my review sticks, most of which have been resting in my coolidors and tupper-dors for well over a year now.  A few of them are maybe a bit damp and one is maybe a bit dry, but on average those numbers look very typical of my review sticks.

I should note that tightly packed sticks tend to read a bit higher and loosely packed sticks a bit lower, in my experience, which kind of makes sense because you'd expect a tightly packed stick to retain moisture better and longer than a loosely packed stick.  

Anyway, just throwing this out there for general information in case anyone cares.  Comments welcome...   :smoker2:
General Cigar Discussion / Old Camachos
11/29/2020 05:32 PM
Anyone need some old (pre-Davidoff) Camachos?  Privada has 'em....

(Hit the drop-down menu for the entire list.)
General Cigar Discussion / Basic math
07/26/2020 11:07 PM
3 1/2 stars out of 5 does not equate to 89/100 unless i'm missing something....   :confused:  :rolleyes:
Anyone else using one of these?  Pretty impressed with it so far.  Seems like a good way to tell if your humidification is doing its job.  Only complaint would be is that the prong width is not adjustable, so it would be harder to use with smaller RG sticks such as coronas, lanceros, and the like.
I rarely find any samplers at Small Batch that are actually in stock at a good price, but here's a couple, both from Aganorsa. Had already ordered the "Taste of TABSA", so just pulled the trigger on the other one.  Discount code of "BCC" gets you 19% off.

And the discount is only good until midnight tonight, so a little more than 3 hours to go...
HOT deals / 29 for 29 at Cigar Page
05/15/2020 10:24 PM
Some pretty good budget deals here...

I thoroughly enjoyed the Espinosa Crema awhile back, so had to bite on that one, and would have bit on a few more if funds allowed...   :smoker2:
HOT deals / 20 under 20 - Cigar Page
02/20/2020 05:57 PM
Had to bite on the El Primer Mundo Epifania Toros for $2 each.... The robusto was a good smoke. :smoker2:

Free shipping, too....
15 stick sampler for $30 with free shipping...

No reviews of these sticks in the DB as of yet, but the brand seems reputable, so I bit on it.   :smoker2:
HOT deals / Caldwell Collection on C-bid
01/30/2020 05:18 PM
Got an email just for this one auction.  150 units available, starting bid at $79.99 for 20 sticks, only 27 bids so far.  I'm very tempted, but my stogie budget is tapped out for the time being.
I have no experience with these, but decided to sign up for a couple after seeing this video..

Anyone have any experience with the mentioned clubs?  I'll post mine after I see what they send me...   :cigarguy:
HOT deals / Mystery deal at Cigar Page
12/01/2019 11:04 AM

They do this once a month.  Last month they sent me two fivers, one of AVO Syncro Nicaragua Robusto and one of A.J. Fernandez Enclave Broadleaf Belicoso.  Not sure where else you'd find those sticks for $3 each unless you just get really lucky on C-bid...   :smoker2:
HOT deals / Nortenos again...
11/25/2019 08:04 PM
Someone posted a hot deal for these from Serious Cigars about a month ago.  I jumped on it and have not tried one yet, but these seem to have a nice rep.  And this deal is as good as the last one, so for anyone who missed out...
Bombs Away! / Arrow34 over the target...
09/21/2019 05:23 PM
Did a box-split with Ed of the AB Magic Toast toros and he very kindly included several ride-alongs.  Thanks, Ed!   :cigarman:
Cigar Page has what looks like some nice deals on Padron five packs through tomorrow.  I have not tried any variety of Padron, so any advice on what to start with that won't break the bank?
Stephen did it again...  and return fire will be going out this week!   :smoker2:  :biggrin:
Promo code "flashpoint50" gets you a free fiver of Inferno Flashpoint with a $50 purchase.  Given my affinity for all things Oliva, I had to jump on it....  :smoker2:
Bombs Away! / Direct hit from DRuff...
01/24/2019 06:09 PM
Wow, which one to smoke first....   Thanks, Doug!   :dancing:  :smoker2:
General Cigar Discussion / Oliva 2nds?
12/13/2018 05:00 PM
Wondering if anyone has done the research to identify which of Oliva's blends these are.  I scored a pack of 15 Toros from C-bid for $26, which seems like a heck of a deal if they smoke well.  The exact "liga" wasn't identified on the bidding page, but they've just arrived and they are labelled as "Liga VM", which, after a bit of research at CI appears to be the Serie V Melanio Maduro.  Liga VM is the only "2nd" that has the San Andres wrapper and Serie V Melanio Maduro also appears to be the only Oliva blend that has that same wrapper.   Anyone know for sure?   Whatever this stick is, I will get one smoked this weekend and post a review.   :smoker2:
Bombs Away! / I got hit by Appollo...
12/09/2018 01:31 PM
Found an unexpected package in my P.O. box last evening along with an expected shipment from C-bid.  The strange package came from Canada and had a Customs sticker on it describing the contents as a "scarf".   Needless to say, I was quite happy to find cigars inside instead of a scarf....   Thanks, Stephen!   :dancing:  :smoker2:
Newbie Intros / Howdy from Brinnon, WA
10/07/2018 02:03 PM
Another newbie here, thanks to Bruce, aka OZZ, who got me interested in stogies this last summer when he started bringing a few to the backyard BBQs I was having.  Have intermittently smoked Swisher Sweets since Army days 35 years ago, but never tried much else until now.  Bruce says he's created a monster, though, and I am enjoying lots of new types of sticks.  My profile pic is a sketch Bruce drew from a pic he took at one of the aforementioned BBQs.  I think I was smoking some sort of Gurkha and remember it being quite nice.  Anyway, thanks in advance for all the information and advice I'm going to be enjoying here.... 

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