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Paul idea was  great idea so I figure lets keep it going.The same rules apply and I'll supply a 5pak to the winner.Let the contest begin.
Cigar Passes / My Favorite Sticks
01/05/2023 11:48 AM
This is a thread generated automatically by the Cigar Pass system to discuss the Cigar Pass named "My Favorite Sticks".

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Today's Smoke / New Years Eve Stick 2022
01/02/2023 11:46 AM
On the advice of Brian[ninfiction] which was included in the 2022 Christmas bomb Illusione Singulare 2010 Phantom.Great advice.Thanks Brian
Today's Smoke / Todays Smoke Nov.2022
11/01/2022 08:55 AM
Ch Buckeye Land
Atlantic Cigar has 50% off on the Southern Draw brand until the 20th.I have to tell you if you haven't tried the Cedrus its worth the price many times over.Just saying.
Cigar Passes / Few of My Favorite Things
03/29/2021 11:45 AM
This is a thread generated automatically by the Cigar Pass system to discuss the Cigar Pass named 'Few of My Favorite Things'.

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Wondering if anybody would be interested in a pass where it involves your favorite sticks.This include any size,brand or price range as long as you match what you take.This will also include ISOM.I will start it off with a 15-20 stick start and go from there.It will be open o Can.and US.On the final shipping back to Canada I will help on the shipping if need be.If I can get 8-10 who wants to do it I'll start it up.On the last shipping back here I can give shipping instructions or have the last person have experience shipping to Canada.
Today's Smoke / Todays Smoke March 2021
03/01/2021 09:35 AM
DE Liga Privada Unico Serie UF-13
Everyone have a great Holiday.
At Atlantic Cigars you can get a box for 200.00 per box
Todd hit me with a massive bombthat completely took out the mail box plus several postal workers.Thank you very much Todd.
Cigar place has these on sale for 118.99 per box plus free shipping.Love this line.Can also buy singles for 5.59.Enjoy  :-)
The Daily deal at Holts has this for a price.It seems fairly decent. Enjoy.
HOT deals / Any Boxing Day Sales
12/26/2018 02:12 PM
Just wondering if anybody has seen any good deals on any sites for Boxing Day Sales.
Newbie Intros / No Address No Bombs
12/18/2018 05:56 PM
To all the new geeks,I can't stress the importance of having a address on your profile.I was in the Christmas mood and looking for a brother geek ,who contributes to the site to send a bomb to,I did find a couple.but a couple of the brothers I looked at had no address.
   If you don't like free sticks don't put a address in but if you do get that thing in there. :-)
Looking for a couple geeks to split on a box.I will have the sticks shipped to Gary[Headfirst] he will do the shipping ,but you will pp me.Gary tells me shipping in the US costs around 8.00.The cost of the fiver will be 32.50.So far Gary and myself have 5 each.Let me know ASAP I don't know how long they will last.
HOT deals / Drew Estate Sale at Holts
11/01/2018 10:03 AM
Great deal at Holts on Drew Estate Nortenos. :-)
Bombs Away! / Bombed by Kevin{Klamm143]
09/14/2018 04:53 AM
Sometimes us geeks from the GWN have trouble getting sticks up here due to taxes and high shipping.Kevin volunteered to let me ship the sticks to him and he would ship them to me.Firstly he wouldn,t let me pay for shipping,but when the sticks arrived there was a  massive bomb also,I don't know what to say except thank you very much.Kevin is one generous and outstanding geek.
Here is a great deal for all CH lovers :-)This is a one day flash sale 119.95r box free shipping.Always interested in a few more of these if someone is thinking about getting some.
Just wondering if anyone is interested in doing a 2 way split on a box of these.Here is the site interested send me a message.This is at Holts on their one day flash sale.Box 24,free shipping,99.95 per box.Real nice stick.
This is a thread generated automatically by the Cigar Pass system to discuss the Cigar Pass named 'All Canadian coast to Coast Pass'.Would like to get this pass started in amonth if possible.I will try to run this with at least six but would like more.This will be my first pass attempt so will neeed help from everyone.I will get the cigar list started in the next day or two.

Use this link to return back to the Cigar Pass.
Just got an email  that these are now avalible at Atlantic.If you a Crown Head lover like me this is a big deal. :-)
06/14/2018 09:23 AM
For all you Room 101 fans out there,here is a great deal at holts .Always trying to help. :-)
Good buy at Atlantic Herrera Esteli Toro Especial,you get 10 for 49.95. :-)
Seems like a good price at Holts .99.95 per box of 24 of corona gorda with free shipping.Might be worth box split if anybody is interested. :-)
Buy and Sell / YARD GAR SALE
02/13/2018 01:42 PM
Going through the humi and there are just some sticks that I am not going to the list is in my hum.aLL prices are in Canadian.If you buy 15 I will pay half shipping,20or more I will cover Thanks for looking. :-)
Wondering if anyone would be interested in a box split either two up to 4 ways on a box of robustos.They are on sale at Atlantic for 132.95 for a box of 20.If a brother geek south of the border was interested in the purchase shipping is alot cheaper.Atlantic dings me 40.00 bucks to get it shipped to the GWN,
Happy belated birthday Brian.Have a great one. :happybday:  :happybday:  :party:  :party:

These are 40% at Cigar King. like a real good stick.Would be up for a split if anyone is interested.Discount code King40

5 of at Cigar King
HOT deals / Deals At Cigar King
12/06/2017 10:26 AM
Just got an email,some of them look pretty good. I could help. :-)
Today's Smoke / What A Day
11/25/2017 05:28 PM
What a day to smoke a great cigar[Angels Anvil 2017]on a hot Nov.25th here is Nova Scotia . :-)It was 56F in the shade at 3 PM.Tee stirt weather in the sun.
HOT deals / Caldwell sale at Atlantic
10/25/2017 08:40 PM
Seems like a good price on these.Just trying to help. :-)
Cigar place has these on sale at this moment.I hear they are hard to come buy.Just letting ya know :-)
HOT deals / Camacho BG Meyer sale Holts
10/03/2017 10:15 AM
Godd buy on these at Holts on all sizes +FREE SHIPPING.I have tried the Toro and they are a quality stick
Holts has these on sale this weekend for 79.95 per box of 20 plus free shipping is the US.There is also an ashtray for free.Any takers would take a 4 way split or even just split a box. :-)
HOT deals / Oliva sale At Holts.
08/19/2017 10:24 AM
There is a good buy on Olivas at Holts with free shipping I'm thinks about picking up a box of Serie V Malanio Maduro Robustos myself for 49.95. :-)
Great buy on these at Holts,49.95 per box of 12 plus free shipping.Real nice stick.
Big CH fan and have some 2015 and 2016 looking to buy or trade for 3-5 of the 2017.If any of the brothers can hook me up send me a message. :-)
Looking for a geek who might want to split on a box at Holts 79.95 plus free shipping. :-)
The winner is Kent[05 Venture] .Congrats Kent will get it out in the next couple days.The lucky # was 7.
Just a few pics of my main cigar shop of their stock.Its not real big but the they keep a good stock and the prices are dead on.Its alot better than the one at the resort I stay at.Plus a few old cars.Enjoy
Found these at the local Cigar shop in Cuba on my last day there.Even though my budget was spent I couldn,t pass these by.Had to get some good Rum to drink with them also. :-)
OK geeks.I am heading down for a two week vacation in Cuba.I will be buying some sticks  :dancing: .When I will get back I will give a 5pak of .sticks to some lucky brother from my purchases.Now the rules .You must have 100 posts.That is the only rule.The contest will run 3 weeks and as you post on this thread that will be your number.I will use a random number generator to select a winner.Good luck geeks. :biggrin:Also if you think you will have a 100 posts by the end of the contest you can also enter.One post per geek.

Good buy at Holts 47.50 and free shipping.Just saying.

Stogiedad hide a bomb disguised as a box split.It had to lucky to get across the border.Thanks so much brother.
HOT deals / 30% Off At Flatbed
03/25/2017 01:15 PM
Just got an email from flatbed,30% off till the end of the month.Use truck30.  :-)

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