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Congrats Brian!  Thanks for the contest Stephen!
Quote from: Joelala on 01/29/2023 06:22 PMFeel like shopping for me? I send you $100 and you send me stuff you think I like based on a few things I send through PM?
Joe, sounds great, send me a PM.
Low bidder is sitting pretty right now once again.
BWS Hyena Corona Gorda  :smoker:
Southern Draw Cedrus Robusto
Quote from: appollo on 01/28/2023 02:06 PMGeez, Gary are you making room for our next split  :lmao:
More like proving to my wife that I'm willing to sell some to offset at least some of our splits!  The eyebrow raise gets a little higher with each successive box that lands on my doorstep!
Buy and Sell / Thinning the herd sale
01/28/2023 12:00 PM
Take a look in my humidor for what I'm hoping to sell, the age, and prices.  Buy $100 worth and I'll cover the shipping to continental US.  Otherwise I'll ship as cheap as I can, first class is usually between $4 and $7 depending on where it's going in the US and how heavy the package is.  I can ship to the GWN as well.  Thanks fellas.
I hope everyone got their review in and enjoyed the stick, looking forward to reading the reviews.  Thanks all for participating!
Prize pack already received!  They look fantastic Paul, can't wait to light one up.  Thanks again.
At least one player mentioned to me that they did not receive a PM about their target.  If anyone else that is playing is uncertain of who they are supposed to hit and when please let me know asap.  Hoping that was just a one-off somehow.  Thanks.
Well done Ed!  And happy birthday Tom!
I love that almost everyone so far has underbid me!  You guys learn quick! :lmao:
Quote from: 05Venturer on 01/23/2023 12:51 PMCongrats Gary and thanks for the  contest Paul.
As much as I hate to say it I should have listened to my wife, she said 175, I said no way.  :lmao:
I was a little surprised nobody underbid me, I'm glad your wife wasn't playing!   :lmao:
88 points, thanks for the contest Stephen!
Quote from: Deener27 on 01/21/2023 07:23 PMRIP herf link.  We are sure going to miss you.
These aren't happening anymore?
CH Las Calaveras 2022 LC50.
Woohoo!  Thanks for the contest Paul, I had forgotten how we used to do these more back in the day.
H. Upmann LCDH Exclusivo 2011 Royal Robusto courtesy of Ted.  Fantastic smoke, thanks Ted!
DE-FENSE!  DE-FENSE!   :lmao:
Quote from: Brlesq on 01/17/2023 10:22 PMRodrigo Corona Project Vol.1
Can't believe that I found this one in the bottom of a humidor. For those that have had one, you know!
I remember acting just a little too late on that.  Thanks for confirming my FOMO!   :banghead:
180, thanks for the contest Paul!
HOT deals / Cigar King Deals
01/17/2023 06:45 PM
CigarKing occasionally does 15% off of everything on their site and I took advantage of that to nab a deal on an AF/Opus sampler which was supposed to have one Opus and 4 more unusual lower end AF sticks.  Somehow I ended up with 2 Opus sticks!  And three nice AF sticks (Untold Story, 858 Rosado, and Don Carlos double robusto) I'm looking forward to trying as well.  This was $64 before tax after the discount!  Pic is below.

I also decided to try out a couple of their Davidoff Secret Motherlode samplers.  I was always curious how good a deal these secret samplers are.  For about $100 before tax each here's what came in the regular Davidoff motherlode sampler and in the Davidoff Winston Churchill motherlode sampler.  I feel like it was a pretty good deal (average stick price around $15).  Now the geeks have an idea what's in these if you've ever been tempted to pull the trigger but were afraid to see if they tried to throw Griffins or something in there.   :lmao:
BLTC Deliverance Nocturne Salomon Snub Nose  :smoker:
Ashton VSG Torpedo with 13 years of age, still not past its prime! :smoker:
Quote from: jharrisx5 on 01/10/2023 07:00 PMIs it too late to get in on this???
Argh, sorry bud, yeah, it's a bit late to shake everything up now.  It's a shame there won't be any Jokey presents this time around.  Next year!

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