Keurig coffee makers?

Started by wlfwalleye, 12/29/2011 06:36 AM

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I am not a coffee drinker, but have been thinking about getting into it. Does anyone use a Keurig machine? Pros Cons.

I drink alot of hot chocolate and tea. So I can see a use for that as well. I see they sell a basket so you can use fresh ground coffee instead of their K cups as well.


I love it.  As long as you can find a blend that you like it is great.  I drink a lot of coffee but I'm pretty flexible with what I drink and mostly I only drink coffee at home on weekends, otherwise I drink it at the office.  It is very convenient and each cup is made to order, if you want to switch it up between cups you can.  The only con I can think of is the cost of the cups is pretty expensive compared to beans or ground coffee.
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Ill let you know Friday. I getting one for my wife.
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I have one and love mine for everyday use.  When I really want a good cup I use my french press.  

One thing to note is that every hot chocolate I have had with my kurieg has sucked.


I got one as a gift, but I took it to the office for my co-workers to use.  I love it because it is very quick and easy to make a cup.  Also, the K cups come in a lot of different varieties.  I don't use it anymore because of the cost.  The K cups are expensive (15 or so for 10 bucks).
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Waffles has good deals on k-cups.  My coworkers and I order together because orders over $50 ship free.


QuoteWaffles - 12/29/2011  7:19 AM

I have one and love mine for everyday use.  When I really want a good cup I use my french press.  

One thing to note is that every hot chocolate I have had with my kurieg has sucked.

Totally agree about the hot chocolate.

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If you want to play around with getting into coffee, I would suggest a French Press.  They are inexpensive and you can make small quantities at a time.

You can then get a small grinder and grind the beans fresh before making your coffee.  It gives yo a lot more freedom to try different roasts.

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I would suggest a small French press. U can make amazing coffee any time very quickly.
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My sister in-law got one recently and she says she loves it. She likes it because her and her boyfriend like different types of coffee so they can each make their own. It makes sense for that purpose.

For me it would be a waste. I'm not really big on all these coffee flavors and blends etc. I'm good with my Tully's House Blend or Foldger's even with some cream and sugar when I desire. If I don't think I'll drink a full pot of coffee then I'll only make a half a pot. I don't like the idea of having to make a new cup of coffee each time I want another one. I'm good with my coffee maker, but that's just me.  
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We have had one at my house for a over a year now.  K-cups are cheap at Costco and their great when all you want is just a cup and not a full pot of coffee.  Most coffee manufacturers have made blends for the k-cups so finding something you like should be easy.  

Make sure to run straight water through the system after you make hot chocolate or tea before you make coffee.  The tea and hot chocolate taste will come out in your coffee if you don't.


So I went to Sams today to pick up some dog food and charcoal for the grill, lo and behold they had a package deal on a Keurig B60, K cup reusable filter for using your own fresh ground coffee, a water filter, and 36 K cups for $129. The cheapest I saw it online was $153 plus $29 shipping so it was a great deal.

The GF loves coffee so she will enjoy being able to have coffee at my house and the guys who come over for the biweekly poker game will use it as well.

I also picked up an assorted box of tea's to enjoy as I drink 4 to 5 cups a day.

Drinking my first cup of Bigelow Chai Green Tea now and it is excellent!


I want one really really bad. I should have bought one the other day other than that gun that blew up on me.
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Tried one for the first time this past weekend.  Pretty cool if you have multiple coffee drinkers with different tastes or are on the go.
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