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Started by southernrun, 02/08/2012 03:07 AM

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Just got myself 1 kg. of freshly roasted Batangas Barako (Batangas is an area in Southern Luzon famous for growing coffee;Barako is the colloquial term for coffee grown and roasted from Batangas. It actually means 'wild boar'). Barako or Baraco is actually Philippine Liberica, and it is for me, a strong, robust coffee, rich in toasty flavor. For extra punch, I go the 2-1 ratio.

I'm so glad coffee and cigars are locally available (and are produced locally as well), and are actually very good quality--no bias, I swear!

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I didn't smoke cigars while I was stationed at Clark in the late 80's or I would have checked out the local blends. I did manage to do quality control checks on rather hefty quantities of San Miguel, Red Horse, Tanduay rum, etc.  :biggrin:
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Your a lucky guy to have access to this. :-)
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I love Barako as well as the coffee from the Mountain Province. We are indeed lucky to have these great pick-me-ups. The cheap (and quite good tasting!) alcohol is a bonus  :biggrin:


The coffee sounds great, enjoy
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a good cup of coffee is always nice.
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The wife, kid, and I are heading to the phillippines next december.  I'll have to check some of this out.


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I love a great cup of coffee. Always looking to try something new
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if any of you guys drop by the PH, I can hook you up with great cheap coffee that is gourmet quality. Thank god for the tropical weather. Good coffee, cocoa, and tobacco leaf!


Sounds good. Send some our way... haha
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maybe I could! let me see what the best way would be.

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