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Started by SenorPablo, 07/27/2012 03:31 PM

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Hi Folks,

I am happy to announce a partnership between Cigar Geeks and the Crap Network guys.  You've probably seen a few of them come by and introduce themselves - Justin (long_ashes), Bob (nubs), Brandon (parrott84) aka Punch on the show, Mark (Triple Maduro), Erick (GrayAshes), and Jesse (Broadleaf).  If you haven't seen their shows, they're worth checking out.  They have a style all their own that make their reviews pretty entertaining.  I think they will fit right in here with the kind of folks and misfits we have.  Check them out at http://www.crapnetwork.com/.

What we're actually doing is giving them a forum home here for them to discuss their reviews and whatever else they'd like.  In return they'll mention us in their reviews.  So look forward to that!

So welcome everyone to the new Crap Network Forum and welcome the folks from Crap Network!

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Welcome and Thanks for taking one for the BOTL.
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Good partnership.  Glad to have you guys on board!
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There goes the neighborhood.  :-)  They might actually add some class to the place.  Welcome again.
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Thanks everyone!  We hope to have a place for everyone to discuss Crap Network, right here on cigargeeks.com.  Our current forums will be removed, and our link to the forums will be pointing to this new section on CigarGeeks.
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QuoteBeegerply - 7/27/2012  5:03 PM

Welcome Gents  :biggrin:

I just checked out the website.  "Gents" might be a bit of a stretch, but welcome!  I think you'll fit in just fine.  Y'all have your little friend and I have mine... :biggrin:
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metalhead y cigarguy

Very cool. Welcome again! We're glad to have you guys.
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welcome guy's. glad to have you.
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Have to watch you at home or on the droid phone, They block youtube at work., Welcome
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sounds like a cool mix. welcome!


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:welcome:  - From Sc!!

Big fan here!
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yalls reviews are f'n awesome...welcome...geeks just got even cooler
why isnt phonetic spelled like it sounds?

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Welcome guys! I am pumped to see more of your reviews! For some reason the lunch time Baccarat in the parking lot review sticks out there for me... Probably because I have smoked a crap one down to the nub in my work truck more than once... :)
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Awesome!!! When is Little Punch making his intro?...lol


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Welcome guys, I like the show, but always forget to watch it, so maybe this might help.
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Welcome to CG Crap'ers.
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Quotegitfiddl - 7/27/2012  4:17 PM

QuoteBeegerply - 7/27/2012  5:03 PM

Welcome Gents  :biggrin:

I just checked out the website.  "Gents" might be a bit of a stretch, but welcome!  I think you'll fit in just fine.  Y'all have your little friend and I have mine... :biggrin:

Well I guess I should of spelled it all the way out :lmao:  :lmao:  So I will restate Welcome Gentlemen :biggrin:

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Sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship.
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Welcome guys.  While I'm a lifetime fan of crap but I have never heard of your network.  I'll have to check it out.
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