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Started by mpurtle01, 10/10/2012 01:48 PM

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So, I have recently gotten very tired of the crap coffee beans available at the overseas military posts.  And surprisingly the selection is great on the economy here in Germany...  but.  I just got my sampler packs in the mail from  I gotta tell you, these guys have their business DOWN!  I opened up one of the fresh pack sealed bags and found some beautiful, oily, fresh smelling, most amazing coffee beans I have ever had in my hand.  I have a Saeco/Phillips Intelia espresso/coffee machine that grinds the beans fresh.  This coffee is fantastic.  I can't wait to find ones I really like and just mail order my coffee from now on.


we like San Marco Coffee out of NC.  they roast and ship the same day


Both of these sites look look an option for me,  We had been getting a particular brand of bean at the grocery store in the big city but thats a long trip if you run out.  I may have to give one of these a try..........

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Thanks for the tip.  I order green beans from and have been very happy with them.  Nice to have lots of options!
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I get the Columbian whole beans from Sam's Club. Makes a fine cup of coffee for daily use. Once in awhile I get some really good stuff over at Whole Foods in Lexington but the Sam's Club brew is perfectly good stuff.
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I gotta tell you, coffeebeandirect has roasted beans beyond quality or freshness I have ever seen, and they are one hell of a customer service directed group.  They offer several green beans options too...


My faves are Black Dog Coffee and Stumptown Coffee out of Portland, OR
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One of the reasons I like to travel is because I buy coffee beans in different areas of the world.  I bring my FP along and get good filtered water and use my travel grinder and it's heaven.  Here in Atlanta we have a lot of places to buy great beans...Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Costco/Sams and other shops that are close by.


I think I will order the sampler from them


I roast at home and usually order from in NJ
Greg is the roaster if you want roasted beans, i order them green.

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