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Started by forty_caliber, 01/02/2013 07:31 PM

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we home roast a lot of Bali and Jams


QuoteMonte - 6/8/2014  6:23 PM

we home roast a lot of Bali and Jams

How long does it take to roast Ball and Jams?  15 months or so?  :?:


Any home roasters still around?  I am and generally buy my green beans locally from a few shops that sell their single origin beans or from amazon.


I don't roast, but I drink the heck out of coffee. New Mexico Pinon Coffee Co. has some of the best coffee I've ever had. Gettin' "coffee wasted" right now on some!  :biggrin:
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Ed (Arrow34) and I are both roasters. We also both use the same machine, the Gene Cafe roaster. I am totally spoiled by the amazing roasts I create. I also have between 20-30 people who buy my coffee locally. It's amazing how they are blown away by the difference. They had no idea how crappy most retail coffee really is.

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