Who won the nub off? Enter to win a box of cigars!

Started by long_ashes, 06/23/2013 03:54 PM

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Who won the nub off?  Nubs, the nubbing man himself... or new contender Gray Ashes, who rose up to challenge the Master?  Nubs is on the top and Gray Ashes is on the bottom in the picture.

Let's make this interesting.  Everyone who posts who they think is the winner and you will be automatically entered into the running to win an entire box (20) of our homemade cigars.  All homemade in Cincinnati, Ohio from seed to smoke.  We used Dixie Shade for the wrapper, Pennsylvania Red for the binder, and Pennsylvania Red/Dixie Shade/Havana 263 for the filler.

The winner will be posted two weeks from today.  The only other catch, is you have to like our Facebook page (http://facebook.com/crapnetwork) and post on this exact post!  

Let's see who was closer!

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I  have to go with Nubs for not using any implements! Sorry..........
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QuoteVroomp - 6/23/2013  7:21 PM

I  have to go with Nubs for not using any implements! Sorry..........

I totally agree! Nubs for going tool less!
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I'll vote for the guy with the roach clip...thanks for the contest, that is very generous of you :-)
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Man...Nubs must have thick calluses on his fingers to be able to nub it down that low!  That's impressive!

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Gotta go with Nubs and the freehand technique!


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Agree with everyone that Nubs is a BA for bare handing it :bow:

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Gotta love Nubs' fingers of steel

but I have to go with Gray ashes

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I'm gonna have to go with Nubs, though both are very impressive photo's.
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Like Brad said, ya gotta go with the man who's fingers are impervious to heat! GO NUBS GO!  :bigthumbs:
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Nubs,maybe he smoked something else to the nubs to deaden the feeling in his lips and fingers
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Gotta go with Gray Ashes on this one. Though Nubs' efforts are inspiring. Great contest guys, thanks! Hope those sticks were good, if you smoked them that far!
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NUBS!! but I heard the best nubber of you guys is little punch..... :biggrin:


im going with nubs, man one wrong move for either one and ouuuuuch!
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With that finger technique, my vote is on Nubs!
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