Frank Llaneza 1961

Started by DogMan, 07/21/2013 03:52 PM

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A stronger, fuller cigar that I really enjoy, good pricing right now. I'd like to try the cuban corona vitola (5.62 x 46), and I already have about 10 of the magnums (4.75 x 54) and 2 pyramides (6.25 x 54) in my humidor. I propose splitting that about in half, so you would get 20 sticks.

12 or 13 cuban corona
6  or  7 magnums
1 pyramide

all said and done with taxes title dealer prep and destination charges (but not the undercoating), it would cost you $60 for these to show up at your door (with the pretty box too if you want it). IMHO, this a really good smoke for 3 bucks.

Any Takers?  LMK and I will make the order - loren
Loren B Davis


I'll go in with you - PM sent.


Those are some damn good smokes!  Nicely done
Puff Puff Give....


My Frank Llaneza 1961 split with DogMan (Loren) arrived - perfect condition.  The cigars with blue tape have been aged awhile in his humidor - looking forward to trying one later today.  Thanks, Loren!   :dancing:

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