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Started by Michaelbevans61, 07/26/2013 05:43 AM

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Does anybody have some Gurkha park avenues they wouldn't mind parting with? Espically the maduro's. YUM! I'd love to buy these if you got some. 

 Thanks guys! 

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Don't have any but CI has them on sale in monthly sales book. Of course they are always pretty cheap
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Yea you can pick them up cheap on cbid


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Currently on CBid...


Plenty of purchase options out there as others have noted. Having hit or miss experiences with Gurhkas in the past I would like to hear more about this line.
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I see them regularly on cigar sprint for right around 40 a box. Nice price and the sprint has free shipping.

Joel B

I really enjoy the Park Ave maduro. I don't usually buy Gurkhas because I have had so many construction issues, but these seem to be an exception. Very mild in the strength department, but a nice maduro flavor. I keep a few in my humi and every time I smoke one I am surprised at how much I like them. A definite steal at the price.


Got some Gurkh Castle Hall Petite Coronas. They are similar.

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Just ordered a 5 pack on you guys'es recommendations  yeeehawww


The Park Ave. line is made for them by AJ Fernandez. They are freakin awesome for the price and are a regular in my humi
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Add them to the cart and we'll split the 5 Vegas humi combo.  I might even buy one of the Parks from you to give it another go.  The first one was years ago and I didn't like it, but it wasn't the maddy.

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