ISO small ashtray...

Started by mike.casey, 07/16/2013 12:16 PM

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Quotenirab - 7/17/2013  10:38 AM
Quotesjn1117 - 7/17/2013  9:26 AMi know that orange one works great!
yes sir! I'm thinking we will give the green one a shot next weekend!  :bigthumbs:
right on!
why isnt phonetic spelled like it sounds?

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Received my sticks for the ashtray today from Mike and, as usual, he was way to generous!!!! That dang ashtray wasn't worth more than $30!

I guess, I will just have to add him to the list now.......................  :biggrin:


Thanks a bunch Mike but, watch your back.........


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Trade was more than fair. Thanks again buddy! I hope you enjoy them.
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Good trade both side. Everyone got what they wanted
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