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Started by s2jwwill, 08/11/2013 04:16 PM

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I recently built a wineador and purchased the drawers from Forrest which makes my collection look even smaller (<100 sticks)   I have some cigar supplies that I won at a raffle back in April which included a brick of 20 Boveda 72% packs, brick of 20 Boveda 69% (both 60 gram, new brown package), a Colibri Monza 3 lighter (orange/black), a Colibri Eclipse Lighter (green) and a package of Makers Mark coffee from Tedscigars...all of which I do not need, all brand New in original packaging.  Looking to add some quality cigars to the wineador (my typical smokes are AVO, San Cristobal, Cohiba, Fuente).  Let me know if you are interested and make an offer.  Thanks


will give this some thought and PM you
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I still have:
1 New Brick of 20 Boveda 72% packs (60 gram, new brown package)
1 New Colibri Monza 3 lighter (orange/black)
1 New Colibri Eclipse Lighter (green)
1 Sealed Package of Makers Mark coffee from Tedscigars

All fair offers accepted, trying to fill my wineador.


Good luck to you man. All those items are great!!


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