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Started by long_ashes, 08/13/2013 09:18 PM

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Welcome to The Crap Network!  We are a weekly (mostly) video podcast that focuses on cigar reviews, beer drinking, hot sauce torture, fishing, camping, grilling meat, and just about anything else a guy would want to talk about.  We started in 2009 as a cigar review show with just one guy (Long_Ashes).  Shortly after CrapCigar.com (doesn't exist anymore) started, Long_Ashes started to invite his friends over to help review and blew up into multiple review shows on cigars, beer, sauces, and more.  With every day life getting in the way, and the show starting to feel too robotic and structured, we decided to scrap all that s**t and start over.

Some of you may be seeing this for the first time, and others may be long time fans.  Some love our raw review styles, some absolutely hate us, and some ask us to take off our socks (don't ask).  Either way, we are back and we are dedicated to bringing you lots of reviews and useless bulls**t and information.  We may offend, and if we do, then kindly leave.  If not, then sit back and enjoy the ride.

The plan is to have fun in front of the camera, and talk about what we love.  Even though we call ourselves a podcast, we aim to keep the videos short, as the attention span of today's society is shorter than the lifespan of a fly.  I couldn't watch an hour of guys talking about cigars and beer, and I know you probably couldn't either.  We have a youtube page, facebook page, google plus page, twitter account, and proudly share our forums on cigargeeks.com

We love comments, suggestions, requests, and of course donations.  :)  Feel free to hit us up for any reason at crapteam@crapnetwork.com or get us on one of many other outlets on social media and forums.  Hopefully we have something here, and if not, then !@#%$ it, we're still having fun.  Peace!

Check out our first episode!  http://crapnetwork.com
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