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Started by Brlesq, 10/07/2013 05:01 PM

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So Nick and I have been talking about a trade for a month or two.  He had a new Viaje that I wanted, and I've got a certain cigar that he wanted, so we decided to do a 5'er trade and he was going to send his end first.  Apparently he decided to up the ante a bit and humble me with one hell of a trade on his end!  See the pic below.  He also included a Padron 80th (on the bottom of the pic) as a Birthday present.  Thanks for that nice present, Nick!

Now I have to plot my revenge end of the trade . . .  :biggrin:

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Helluva trade there!  What's the unbanded cigar in the middle?


Hello my name is Nick and I just bought a box of... (courtesy of Stephen and Rob(serious cigars))

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Geek math at its finest I see...


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Wow Nick!  That a nice one!
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