Trade with Nick at your own peril (Kthor)

Started by Ntxsage, 11/26/2013 07:14 AM

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So Nick and I have been discussing a trade for months as we've been slowly building up our stockpiles (okay maybe not slowly). Didn't really get into too many specifics, but there  were a few sticks we know the other wanted to try. Nick decided to finally pull the trigger and sent his end last night. He sent  really cool Mclaren flag from the recent Austin gp. Also sent  amazing collection of smokes!
Camacho triple maddie aged 5 years
Camacho 2007 Liberty x2
Camacho CLE
EPC Atlantic 15th x2
Padron No. 2 Natural x 4
Don Carlos Anniv 2007
Latelier Racine LE x 3
Avo 13th x 3
Anejo 50
Jaime Garcia LE x 2
and one of my fav alltime cigars Litto SB4 x 5

 :victory:  :victory:  :respekt:

 I'm traveling so will take me a  while to  get your end out Nick...but stay tuned.
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Wow, he doesn't mess around. Nice hit Nick!!!
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why isnt phonetic spelled like it sounds?

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Nothing like kicking the hornets nest! I think I'll grab some popcorn for this one, LOL.

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Better not be that DC anni 2007 I sent you! Even tho I know you just bought 2 that one has been resting 8 mo. in my humidor at 67% RGH.

Nice little trade you got going tho.


There have been some crazy big trades going on here lately  :-0

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Wow.  That's some good stuff, there!
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Wow nice trade. A lot of good stuff going around right now
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Uh oh, I'm working one with Nick.  Better buckle up! :biggrin:
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Wow!  Great looking cigars!  Nick is building a real arsenal!


Damn. Nick is a great botl. I know you will mess him up good for this though!


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