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Started by long_ashes, 11/29/2013 11:54 AM

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Are you tired of boring old cigar groups!?  Well not anymore!  With the Angels and Demons cigar group, you are on your way to tobacco ecstasy!  This is an infomercial style ad for the Angels and Demons Facebook cigar group.  Crap Network is not affiliated with A&D, but we think the group is really really awesome.  Check out the commercial now!
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wow i could not watch the whole 3 mins of that...... :hitme:
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I'm glad I was able to have that effect on you! Standard informercials are always annoying as !@#%$!  ;)
Home of Crap Cigar, Crap Sauce, and Crap Beer
A streaming pile of crap entertainment.


But I like the "Backlash" and "Smarta$$" remarks on this site!.
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I know, it was a joke!  No offense to cigargeeks, you guys are great obviously!
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A streaming pile of crap entertainment.


it's cool and all, but really, why go anywhere else?? THIS is the place to be!!  :biggrin:  :bigthumbs:  :bigthumbs:
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Took a peek and I like the Crap Network for those times when I want to be a condescending PIA so this looks like a place where I might be able to flourish.


There are several of us Geeks that hang around there via FB.
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I think there's to much smoke In this cigar shop I once heard someone say before I threw them out !


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