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Started by The Burn Ward, 12/02/2013 06:50 PM

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The Burn Ward

Here is Nirabs end of the trade and what an end it is. Pepin/Myfather, Room 101, Liga, Joya, MOW, D8, Xikar, HumoJ, Perdomo, Crowned Heads, PDR, and Nirabs CD that's full of all his favorite cruising jams!

Way to win the war Brian. :beatup:  :thanx:


Nice man!! What's are the stick on far left?

The Burn Ward

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QuoteMachine646 - 12/2/2013  5:06 PM

Nice man!! What's are the stick on far left?

Those are one shot one kill by room 101.

Nice spread!


Brian is one heeluva Geek!



Man, great cigars in there. Nicely done.
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Nice trade...I really like that little PDR...very under the radar cigar with a cubanesque profile. Nirab turned me on to those too!
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Nice looking trade!
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Very cool! Nice stuff!
why isnt phonetic spelled like it sounds?

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The Burn Ward

QuoteNtxsage - 12/2/2013  10:55 PM

Nice trade...I really like that little PDR...very under the radar cigar with a cubanesque profile. Nirab turned me on to those too!

At a glance it looks like the Partagas SD. Have to try both the PDR and the SD.


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Glad you liked my selections Jared, enjoy them all my friend!  :biggrin:  :bigthumbs:  :bigthumbs:
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