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Started by SenorPablo, 04/09/2014 05:46 AM

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Hi Folks. I have received some feedback from a few Cigar Manufacturers and I felt it necessary to provide some guidance on how we handle the Sponsorship of a Geek Critique by a manufacturer. We do of course appreciate the various vendors that provide us sticks for our unbiased reviews in the Geek Critiques, and we want to continue the great relationships we have with those vendors. Many times these vendors will come directly to us unsolicited because they are interested in getting some honest feedback and exposure for new blends they have.

Other times we have vendors that have been approached by our members who might have a relationship with someone within their organization, and offer to do a Geek Critique. I don't want to discourage members from doing that; however we need to be careful about how we approach these vendors.

First, we need to be courteous and unaggressive in our approach. If they say no, then that's it and we are done. I don't want our members putting pressure or in any other way harassing a vendor. I have received a few comments from a couple vendors that there have been individuals who have been a little pushy about the topic to the point that they were made to feel uncomfortable. So please be mindful of this as you are representing the Cigar Geeks community.

Second, be careful about committing to any specific timeline for this to be done. The Geek Critique has turned into a very popular function of the site and we are very often backed up 6 months or more. You can take a look at the calendars here: But I would also contact Nathan (nwb) for confirmation on an available time slot for a vendor.

We do really appreciate the success that members have helped to make the Geek Critique process but we just ask that we go about it the right way with vendors.

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The GC is a great opportunity for members to smoke current and new cigars....for them to "give" members cigars is something we need to's a gift not an obligation on their part.  The ones I've been a part of have been great...the people who organize them did a top notch job and a big thanks for them, the Vendors and to the Admins here for keeping things on a professional level.


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If you guys ever come up short on cigars for reviews have the point person contact me, we'll be happy to send some cigars your way for the Geek Critique every now and again.

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