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Started by nwb, 08/25/2014 11:50 AM

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Good folks.  Haven't always gotten my tracking number for the shipment, but it always shows in a few days.  Gets new stuff QUICK if you want it.  Always well packed and would use anytime.  Price is not a huge factor here as all I have ever bought is new release stuff, so you pay MSRP.  But a good site to order from.
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I have enjoyed them and find they have cigars I like when other places don't carry them


My experience with them has been good so far.
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Just placed my first order with them, easy website, great selection.  Like how you didn't have to set up an account before you ordered.  easy peazy!
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Have always had good experiences with Cigar Fed until this last purchase which was completely wrong. CF blamed the mistake on Miami Cigar Co but, they failed to check what they were sending and sent La Aurora Cameroon Lanceros instead of Cien Anos. After about three weeks they did finally refund my money and I got to keep the Cameroons!  Anyone want to buy some?  :smoker:
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