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Started by nwb, 08/05/2014 07:09 AM

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New Havana Cigars
1183 Chesapeake Ave
Columbus, OH 43212
Tel: 614-486-2822

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I've ordered from NHC quite a bit over the past five years (but note that I haven't ordered from them in the past year).  My first review is at    They focus on a nice selection of smaller boutique cigars -- they had Tatuaje and Illusione when those were hard to find online, and later K.A. Kendall, Pinar del Rio (before the brand was acquired by CI), and various others.  Their regular prices aren't a screaming deal, usually at or around MSRP, but get on their mailing list and you'll learn about some deals.  Shipping was prompt and humidified.  I recommend them.

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