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Started by nwb, 08/07/2014 09:06 AM

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I have bought many times from JR, but almost exclusively the Dutch Daily and Weekly auctions.  I used to check it daily, not as frequently now, but you can nab some nice deals on boxes if you keep your eyes peeled.  Never had a problem with anything I have purchased from them.
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Also, FYI. While not a part of the online store, there's a JR Cigar B&M here in the Detroit area.  The entire store is a humidor.  The guys running the place there love cigars and are extremely helpful.





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JR's has been my go-to cigar supplier for years, never had an issue with them.  Great phone or fax service, all my orders have been sent to a variety of US addresses and they've never missed a beat getting stuff out immediately and their regular ground shipping (USPS or UPS or sometimes both) moves the order QUICK .... couldn't happen with our postal service up north here.


Have been ordering from JR for years with no problems. The $5 flat shipping rate is a plus. A good place to find old favorites such as LGC, H. Upmann, Fuente, R&J, etc. Another plus is that many of the cigars I have bought from JR over the years have been aging for a good while in their humidor warehouse, judging by the yellow cello on the sticks. A plus in my book!
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Used to order more from them in the past under their closeout specials. Always had good service and prompt shipping.
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I haven't bought on line but bought at their B&M in Statesville, NC  great store, prices seemed fair and the staff was great
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They are a good outfit to deal with and I still order boxes of the JR Ultimates along with about 4 other brands that shall remain nameless for fear that they will be bought out.


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Just got a 5 pack off the auctions for a great price plus the shipping was very fast. Already thinking they will be seeing more purchases from me.
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I like JR, they have some exclusives I like and I've always had good buying experiences with them.
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Do you guys know of any JR coupons for orders under $50?

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