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Started by nwb, 08/19/2014 06:09 AM

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Used to order from them quite a bit before I found some cheaper places. I never had any issues with CI though. Stuff was always shipped on time & packaged decent, no humidification but air bag & bubble wrap mostly. I still check out the daily deals from time to time as they have some good deals.
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Have placed plenty of orders with them without a problem. Prompt shipping, fine packaging. Because there are cheaper places, I use them now when I catch a good deal.
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Usually only use the Joe Cigar deal these.  But when they run Joes Jambalaya, there are some awesome deals to be had if you are watching.  Worth checking the clearance section as well, they run some good stuff in there dirt cheap a lot of times.  Don't use them for HTF or rarer stuff, as they usually just don't have it.  Customer service has always been top notch though for me, and packing is never an issue, always well protected in my experience.  Just a solid retailer in my book.
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I've used them a lot and when I see cigar specials that hit me....I use them.  They have always treated me well even with there were issues that was their fault...they cleaned it up and were generous with their time and fixing things.


I have used them several times and had no problems. I only every bought Joe's Jam , Weekend Spot Light, or Closeouts deals though. It's also nice that we can free shipping with the code.
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I use the all the time and have never had a problem with them.
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I have ordered from them several times and no issues so far
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have used CI several times and never had an issue.  Shipping can sometimes run a bit longer than they say but that happens to all of us.  Can certainly find better deals but overall I will continue to take advantage of some of their offers
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I have used them quite a bit.  Their prices are fair, but they run awesome deals on Joe's cigar & the weekend specials which also get you free sipping.  Shipping from them is always quick.  There isn't any humidification sent with their cigars, but from them to me it is only a matter of 2 or 3 days so no big deal.  Their packaging is a hit or miss, sometimes plenty of air bubbles inside and sometimes just one thrown in and the cigars bang around.
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