That Sneaky Dogman!

Started by Vroomp, 02/13/2015 10:24 AM

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Loren was helpful identifying these Swisher Sweets Premium Selection Panatelas the other day and I guess I made such a noise about how tasty the cheapo cigars were he sent me another 5!!!! :dancing:


 Thanks Loren! I actually thought this was a pretty damn good smoke for the money and makes a great everyday cigar! I guess it helps to have about 8 years on them!

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:lmao:   nice Bomb with those stratosweets
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:cool: heard those were pretty decent for the $ but still haven't tried one yet either. Very cool tho
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That was nice of him!  :thumbsup:


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Loren is, as usual, a great BOTL.

Nicely done sir.
"Life's too short to smoke bad cigars."




Loren is, as usual, a great BOTL.

Nicely done sir.
"Life's too short to smoke bad cigars."


Nice job as usual Loren
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 That was a "Sweet" bomb Loren.
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Quotebmac7754 - 2/13/2015  8:40 PM   That was a "Sweet" bomb Loren.

Yes, it's a pineapple hat.  No, you can't put your cigar out in it.


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