Oh, that Rich!

Started by gitfiddl, 08/24/2015 02:22 PM

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I take back 62.7% of the bad things I've said to and about about Rich aka "lowpro75" (the other 37.3% are still up in the air... :shades:  ). When the CG cigar came out, ol' Rich told he'd send me one when he got his.  Well he did, and tossed in some very nice hitchhikers as well.  Mucho belle grande dankes, you rat bastage!
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very nice. love tubos


That's awesome of him  I got one in the Bomb Run pass today as well. Can't wait to set it on fire.
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Nice sticks great bomb :thumbsup:


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This is not the admin you're looking for...


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Very nice of him.
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Very nice of him!  :bigthumbs:
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