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Started by McBryde, 03/25/2016 10:28 PM

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When I first got into trying pipes, I got probably 10-15 different types of 1 oz baggies of various tobaccos to try. I didn't really know how to store these, as I was smoking them pretty fast, and didn't worry about it. While I was in the oil field for a couple of years, all of my pipe tobacco sat in ziplock bags in a plexi-glass container with some humidity beads in there, and got way too over moisturized! It ended up molding, and getting funky, and is now getting thrown out.

I'm looking at trying to do some sort of a starter type pack for smoking a pipe again. I know now that I need to be storing my pipe tobacco in airtight jars, so I'll do it right this time. Looking for 5-10-15 different types of tobacco to try out, as well as another pipe possibly. Right now, I have a cheap Dr. Graybow briar pipe. It smokes hot, so looking for something a little cooler possibly. Maybe a MM Cob pipe, who knows. I'd like to trade cigars for this setup if possible, or I have some $$ also for the right setup also.

Let me know what you have.


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