Liga Privada means "Yard Gar"?

Started by gitfiddl, 04/19/2016 01:40 PM

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It must in "Longhorn-ese", because I found these stowaways in the LMAO Pass labelled as such when it made its way home today.  Good grief, Brad, I about shat myself!  Thanks, brother!
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Yes Sir, those be Yard gars!  Tasty Yard gars :bigthumbs:

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well done, love me some yardgars
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Quoteappollo - 4/19/2016  5:52 PM

Yep that would be yard gars. :biggrin:

If your yard happens to be Augusta or the TPC Sawgrass!
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Gotta love those yard gars.  :bigthumbs:
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Must be a big yard...

Well done.


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This is not the admin you're looking for...


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Very nice Brad and I learned something new...."yard gar". ... Interesting.   :?:
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Brad is one generous geek, well done brother...that's how ya HOOK EM!!  :rocker:
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Enjoy, Dave!  To be fair, you hooked me up on the world of pipe smoking - and I've enjoyed it immensely!

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