Cigarpage has lost a customer!

Started by gitfiddl, 04/27/2016 03:15 PM

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Piss-poor customer service will run me off really fast!  Over a week ago, I placed an order with Cigarpage that included a fiver of Camacho Triple Maduro coronas.  At checkout, the coronas magically became robustos.  No real big deal, but it bugged me.  My card was debited at the time of the order.  Three or four days later, the order was still showing as "processing".  I fired off an email on Sunday and got this response today:  

"Hello David,

Sorry about all the confusion! Here is what we have available in a 5 pack from Camacho:

Camacho Corojo Robusto for $19.99 K5-CMC5050

Are you interested in those? If not, I'm happy to issue a refund. Please let me know.

Thanks and have a great night!
Customer Service"

The fact that I had to ask about the filling of my order instead of being informed by Cigarpage of their inability to deliver the product they showed as "in stock" at the time my order was bad enough.  Three days to respond to my inquiry just added fuel to the fire.  CI, Famous, even Thompson do a helluva lot better!

And Alison's response came from a email address.  I'd ordered a couple of jackets from them in late November of last year that were intended as Christmas gifts.  Yep, you guessed it!  Advertised as "in stock" at the time of the order, my card was billed, and the order showed as "processing" for weeks.   No communication from them until I asked.  "Oh, we never received the jackets..."  How can you advertise stuff you don't have to sell?

I'm done with every company in that group!  YMMV.

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That's my Mystery Box O' Crapola today, being a part of Field Supply explains the contents. I'll post them in the other thread.
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I had an issue with a certain vitola being out of stock a few weeks back, they responded quickly and offered up the presidente size which were a rew bucks more at no extra charge is I didn't want to wait. Never had any other issues. They have been fine with me.
Sorry about your luck Dave  :sad:

I have a mystery bag o crapola on the way too. curious to see if they are the same
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I've not had too many issues with them lately. Sorry for the unlucky order experience, that type of service sucks.
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Bummer, I had one of those processing delays on the box of Enclave but they did ultimately come through.
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That sounds a lot like business practices from Dirty Leaf Cigars. Is that one of their subsidiaries?

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I had been quite happy with them up until the El Primer Mundo fiasco last month. Got a refund, but still not too pleased with them at the moment~!
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QuoteVroomp - 4/27/2016  8:11 PM

I had been quite happy with them up until the El Primer Mundo fiasco last month. Got a refund, but still not too pleased with them at the moment~!

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That really sucks man... I hate hearing about companies not being able to follow through with what they would consider a contract with us... They would not allow us to back out if we placed an order.


This is somewhat common with Internet Sales...they don't inventory their stock and often say they have product available when they don't. The unsuspecting consumer tries to buy the product and then the order goes into limbo but as was said....the purchase goes through on their end and too many times the consumer gets left with an empty order and has to call in to verify what is going the order the order available...etc.  When I hit a wall like this I usually cancel the order and call my Credit Card Company to dispute the charge.  There is no reason in the world as to why when an order is put in that the inventory of that product reflects if it's available or these days is so easy to validate and put into the business model of any company that to tell a consumer what was told in this thread is ridiculous.

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